Eric B., it’s been a long time.

Eric B., it’s been a long time.

Famed DJ and multi-platinum selling recording artist Eric B., formerly of Eric B. and Rakim, returns to the cut and no mistakes allowed…It’s true, he shouldn’t have left us but he’s back and in the studio with hip-hop artic Avion. Their first single, titled “Hustle on Rewind” has a razor sharp edgy groove and true gangster appeal.

Avion is heard rhyming over a smooth Eric B. track fully equipped with passing airliner sound effects and then there’s the catchy hook…”Can’t Hustle Sometimes, Hustle all the Time…Hustle on Rewi, yah, Hustle on Rewind, same thing the next day, Hustle on Rewind.”

A sample of this track may be heard at on the welcome page; track #2.

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