Leading voter registration group HeadCount announced today that multi-platinum soul singer Joss Stone will appear at the organization’s November 3rd “Get out the Vote Party” at the Highline Ballroom in New York City, performing her new song “Governmentalist” and other favorites. The song is also available for free download at beginning today, and through a link emailed to HeadCount’s 100,000-person database. It will also be available on and later released on her new album, due out next year.

Stone joins an all-star lineup which already includes Robert Randolph, ?uestlove (The Roots) and Stanton Moore (Galactic) among many other at the Nov. 3rd event.. The concert will be held on Election Eve and streamed live on the Internet on, spreading the “Vote” message to a limitless number of viewers.

Stone was first inspired to write “Governmentalist” in response to criticism she received from a U.K. government official after she spoke out against the poor medical care of Iraq War veterans. The 21-year-old British citizen then decided she wanted make her voice heard in the U.S. election in some way, leading to her involvement with HeadCount. Although unable to vote in this country, Stone is a member of the young demographic that has become increasingly politically active as the election approaches. “Governmentalist” captures the passions of her generation and its desire to hold government accountable.

“The U.S. election really does impact the entire world,” said Stone. “While I can’t vote in this country, I want to do what I can to inspire others, especially young voters, to make their voices heard. I can’t think of a better way to release ‘Governmentalist’ than to partner with a group like HeadCount that actively encourages voting.”

Stone has sold nearly 10 million albums worldwide and won the 2007 Grammy Award for best R&B performance by a Duo or Group. She has appeared on stage with James Brown, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Patti Labelle, Mavis Staples, Donna Summer and Smokey Robinson, and performed in front of more than 200,000 people at the Live 8 Concert.

The November 3rd “Get Out the Vote Party” marks a rare New York City appearance for Stone as well as fellow Grammy-nominee Robert Randolph. Only 500 tickets will be sold to the general public for this event, which will serve as a benefit for HeadCount’s nonpartisan voter mobilization efforts.

Tickets and more information can be found at, as Magic Hat Brewing Co. is the presenting sponsor of the event. Absentee ballot applications can also be accessed from that site, as HeadCount is reminding anyone attending the concert from out-of-town to fill out an absentee ballot in advance.

“We’re excited to welcome Joss to the long list of musicians who’ve become involved with HeadCount,” said HeadCount co-Chair Marc Brownstein, the bass player of the Disco Biscuits. “Speaking for myself and all the other musicians who are performing, I can tell you we’re all excited about sharing the stage with Joss.”

The concert will be the final event of HeadCount’s year-long campaign to mobilize young voters. The organization worked with artists such as Dave Mathews Band, Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam to register over 100,000 voters this year, staging voter registration campaigns at nearly 1,000 at concerts.

HeadCount is a 501(c)3 non-partisan organization dedicated to registering voters and inspiring participation in democracy through the power of music. Since its inception in 2004, the organization has registered over 150,000 voters. HeadCount’s board of directors includes Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, other well-known musicians, and the very top managers, promoters and media publishers in the live music community. More information can be found at

Download the new song “Governmentalist
Some may think it strange that I have such an interest in the election, being that I was born, raised and still live in England. Which by the way has its fair share of problems when it comes to politics. I have to say so far I’ve seen that England share a lot of Americas problems as well as its advantages and vice versa. America is a very powerful country and affects the whole world around it with the decisions made.

My point is, who ever has any ounce of care for the world as a whole, should and most probably does care very much about who is to be elected president of the United States. Of course I have my opinion of who should be given this most powerful position. But im not here to preach to you who is right and wrong, i think that is pretty clear. If your actions are negative and hurt people in anyway such as creating more deaths and more tears than usual, then clearly your doing something wrong. If what you do brings happiness strength and harmony to those around you then clearly you’re doing something right. This is how i personally judge success.

Like I said I have my opinion on who the next president should be, however the whole point of my speaking out is to encourage those that can vote to actually do it. What you decide is what you decide. There are millions upon millions of people who will be hugely affected by this election and cannot vote because of age or nationality. So, please, if you have a say be grateful that you do and use it.

On to the reason I wrote the song “Governmentalist”. I was in England getting ready to play at a gig held by the princes’ of England to honour the brave men that had been sent off to war and fought for there country. In an interview before the show I had expressed my disappointment in the way these young men are being treated when they come home. The majority of these men and alot of the time boys are sent to the NHS to get treatment for there wounds, I believe that being that they put their lives at risk to protect the safety of there country, shouldn’t they get special care when they come home with half a leg or only one eye left if that? In the past the military had there own special hospitals where they could recuperate as a group, under the present administration many of these hospitals have been closed due to cuts in the governments expenditure.

Thank God England has the NHS. In the country I live in, if you get sick you can get some kind of help, it may not be top of the range and yes there is a hell of a waiting list, but at least it exists. For this I am more than happy to pay tax. I’m not happy to pay tax to kill thousands of young boys to supply a fight for the politicians that run the whole thing from a safe warm office. Who I’m sure choose not to think too deeply about the blood shed they have created, the lives they have destroyed and the hearts they are breaking. In America if you don’t have money and you get sick, it’s a simple thing ,you either die or go bankrupt .

So let me get this straight, there is enough free cash to spend literally trillions on a war, which is unnecessary and unwanted by the majority, but not enough to create something similar to the NHS so the people that are dying on the streets for example… ex-war veterans, can then have some kind of health care so that they don’t have to lose anything more than they already have lost. After expressing my views on the matter, I had heard the head of the ministry of defense was offended, I do not wish to offend but I do wish to exercise my freedom of speech, so I offered him my phone number so maybe he could shed some light on the issue for me, because trust me I would love to be wrong. Of course I never heard from him. The offer is still open. Whether im right or wrong, this whole situation is what inspired the lyrics in the song.

Now I’m not directing this at one person in particular, let me make it clear that the problem doesn’t just exist in America and England, there are power hungry maniacs in control all over the globe. frightening but very deffinately true. So when someone with good morals, and a want to spread peace comes though, please dont ignore that person. It is not a weakness, it is a strength many of us don’t have .

“Governmentalist” is highlighting how the people in power are acting and that their actions affect the innocent completely and totally everyday. The money that’s payed in taxes are there to be used at there discretion to protect the country and make it the best, most peaceful nation it can possibly be. Not for sending the young people off to fight and die in a war created to generate more money for a country that most definitely has enough . So many innocent die for no good reason at all. The soldiers feel they are protecting their loved ones at home and the safety of their country, which is what many are told and many believe, the truth is the only thing they are protecting is the republicans interests ….meaning their wallets. To me this is the saddest reality I have come across in my 21 years of being here, there is no need for this . Those that can, please help this change .

Have a say! Listen to all information that is given to you and with that make your decision based on what you believe is right. Not on what you’re told to believe. You each individually have a mind and a mouth that finally you have a right to use. This vote is your only weapon, so go ahead and use it.

joss stone

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