Metermaids Nightlife audio

Metermaids – “Nightlife”

“Build me a horizon out of promises and matches / We’ll smash it with our bare hands and compare the damage”

The Song:

The Metermaids envelop us in their unique brand of hip-hop with the title track from their debut album, Nightlife. Backed by a hard-hitting beat that enraptures listeners in a repetitive motif, emcees Sentence and Swell expose an emotional honesty that cuts through the complex issues of life that are so often over-simplified into black and white. In one of his more poignant moments, Sentence raps, “Build me a horizon out of promises and matches / We’ll smash it with our bare hands and compare the damage / We’ll talk like we both don’t have guns drawn / And I’ll fold up your words till they read like a love song / Beautiful, soothing, useless, etcetera / Could have been worse but it could have been better / I write my past on the buildings in cracks / Some stand and some collapse.”

The Background:

The Metermaids are two New York emcees, Swell and Sentence, who met through NYC’s underground hip-hop scene in 2006. Embodying the convergence of indie rock and hip-hop, the Metermaids represent a new sound in crossover music that bends and melds genres, unveiling new possibilities both lyrically and musically. After hooking up with the producer Matt Stine of 27 Sound they released their debut EP in 2006. The duo then hit the road touring with the likes of Brand Nubian, Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Fabulous, Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets), The Lox, and Camp Lo. In 2008, with an arsenal of touring under their belt, the Metermaids launched their first full-length Nightlife, a raucous mash up of gritty break beats, heartfelt lyrics, and a touch of rock n’ roll. Nightlife is currently available on 27 Sound Entertainment.


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