Murphy Lee – My Shoes audio

Murphy Lee – “My Shoes”

“Girls wanna cruise / Dudes all wishin’ they could walk in my shoes”

The Song:

Murphy Lee’s latest single “My Shoes” is exactly what people have come to expect from the emcee- a catchy tune filled with Lee’s signature swagger. The track is about his kicks (both on his car and on his person) and features slick production work with snappy snares and a synth-infused melody. Murphy Lee encourages you to “party like a rock star” while he does his thing, but good luck keeping your eyes off his custom gear. Never one to brag, Murphy tells it like it is: “Girls wanna cruise / Dudes all wishin’ they could walk in my shoes.”

The Background:

Before being known as a hip-hop hitmaker, Murph joined his friends, including Nelly, to create the St. Lunatics when he was still in his teens. After appearing on Nelly’s first release, the multi-platinum Country Grammar album in 2000, Murph went on to release his solo album, Murphy’s Law, in 2003. He has worked with legends such as Jermaine Dupri and Lil Wayne and won a Grammy for the song “Shake Ya Tailfeather” featuring Nelly and Diddy. Look out for second solo album You See Me soon on Derrty Ent. / Universal Records.

My Shoes

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