Original Fat Boys Hit the Internet Hard

Original Fat Boys Hit the Internet Hard –

When the Fat Boys recorded Wipeout with the Beach Boys, they never knew that twenty something years later they would be surfing too; not waves though, but the internet. The what? The Original Fat Boys dot com? The legendary trio of Brooklyn B-Boys came up in the rap industry at a time when there was no Internet! As part of their coming of age and in line with their 2009 comeback, after many years and millions upon millions of records sold, the Fat Boys finally have a Website, http://www.originalfatboys.com/ the official homepage of the Fat Boys!

“This homepage is truly a portal that will take you back in the day” says Eric B., president of Eric B. Music Group, formerly of the legendary Eric B. and Rakim recording duo.

After being asked to test surf the site, comedian and Fat Boys fan Chris Rock said “we got a black president? and the Fat Boys are back? Am I dreaming? The Fat Boys in Obama shirts, I love America!”

Rocafella’s own Jay-Z reached out to let the Boys know “the site is magnificent. There’s a lot of progress being made here, Hip-Hop and America are rising to the occasion.”

Philly’s own Germantown Rapper Elijah took the opportunity to be the first to grace the message boards with his well wishes and share a Fat Boys memory.

West Coast Producer and DJ, J-Love the Silver Glove from the famed Baka Boyz Mix Master show reached out via telephone to say “you guys ain’t playing, this is real dope, it’s a real website.”

President of Uncle Louie Management, Louis L. Gregory recently met with media in a press conference in Los Angeles and said “we have a team of publicists led by Ed Farias in Miami; media developers in Los Angeles and producers on the east coast, west coast and in the south, who are working as a cohesive unit blanking the with national coverage. We even have assets in London, France, Germany, and Australia managed by James Mirenda from our New York City office. We call it the blanket approach, no opportunities left uncovered in the global hip-hop neighborhood. Our team is dedicated to the Fat Boys project and they are poised to achieve results nationally and internationally. The Official Fat Boys homepage is a labor of love and it’s just the beginning. Our in house Fat Boys web developer Donald Newman made our vision from the drawing board and made it a reality. The next step is to take that reality and make it a reality television series. Stay tuned, there’s more to come.”

The Original Fat Boys homepage is more than just your typical generic artists’ page. It features a “Deez Fat Trax” audio player so fans can hear a snippet of Fat Boys Classics. There is also an Old School “Ghetto Blaster” where fans can click and follow a link to download Fat Boys Songs. If the fans need a visual, there is a reel room where they can watch all of the Fat Boys original music videos and watch the Fat Boys classic guest appearance on “Miami Vice”. For those die hard fans and those who enjoy blogging, there are message boards where Fat Boys Fans can join http://www.originalfatboys.com/ and post messages and maintain their own profiles. A tribute to Buff, the Human Beat Box is in the works and there are pages upon pages of hands on Original Fat Boys activities including a contestant video upload page for wanna be fat boys to compete for a chance to be one of the Fat Boys.

“For our fans who have been waiting for the Fat Boys to come back, the wait is over. Visit our new homepage, it’s bigger than us!” Kool Rock-ski

Prince Markie Dee explained “I never expected our homepage to be, you know, as extensive as this. I’m proud to be a part of this, I’m proud to get back to what I love, I’m proud of what tomorrow looks like.”

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