Black Hand Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Gallic Wars to launch a digital marketing campaign for Black Hand artist Prinz the Pistoleer

Black Hand Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Gallic Wars to launch a digital marketing campaign for Black Hand artist Prinz the Pistoleer. The agreement, spearheaded by company owner ‘Caesar”, will strengthen his presence off and on the internet. Prinz is still a Blackhand recording artist. This new agreement is only a marketing package which is geared to increase the awareness of Prinz and garner the attention of the music world.

A continuation of “Poverty Breeds Crime” mixtape series will be launched catering towards his gritty street fanbase and real hip hop fans. Gallic Wars is a entertainment company specializing in artist, producer & model management & marketing.

“I am glad to be working with Prinz and his Black Hand family. We embrace his musical talents and his sheer authenticity. We are very fortunate to experience the music of one who is the true biproduct of his environment and can articulate his experiences on a level most artists can’t. Prinz time is now.”
– Caesar, Founder & CEO of Gallic Wars


Prinz is a product of the new breed MCs emerging out of Queens, ( New York). Not your average rapper.He brings a facelift to street rap. The new MC’s these days rap about the episodes of others. True artists rap about themselves and give a piece of themselves to their listeners. Born in South Jamaica, Queens and raised in the Woodside projects, Prinz is beginning to make his move up the music ladder. He is a reflection of his environment, with a relentless work ethic. He believes that one gets what he works for. Prinz says “if you put nothing in life, you get nothing out.” He is a realist with a strong kinship to his roots. At an early age, Prinz had a problem with authority and began to have small encounters with the law. He was eventually introduced to the juvenile court system. The behavior escalated to a serious nature and Prinz ended up with a substantial prison term. Although, he dabbled in rap for fun, he didn’t begin to take it seriously until his release from prison. After that, he got on his grind and started building his weight up in the New York street market. He appeared on some major mixtapes and put out 7,000 of his own as promotional giveaways. Eventually, word spread and several heavy weight street dvd magazines called to feature him. He now was building his platform to share the reality of his experiences with hoods all over and the buzz began to grow.

Prinz is now perched to impact. He has a unique style of hardcore rap that does not, or barely incorporates profanity. Prinz has a way of getting his point across aggressively without the explicit language in his lyrics. A rarity, indeed, in today’s gangsta rap. Prinz says, ” I believe I can do that because people can sense the honesty in what I’m conveying, this is really my life not something I’m making up and I don’t have to be over dramatic, it is what it is”. He loud and clearly represents the streets and bonds with his listeners.

Prinz does not own a rap book. He does not write his rhymes. He builds his songs and freestyles in his mind and then takes it to the recording booth. He feels this is additional evidence of the credibility and sincerity in his music. It is inspired from experience and memory. Prinz also known as the “Pistoleer”, has a smooth flow, unique voice, witty content and a legit swagger which automatically sets him apart. This Black Hand general is strategically making his moves to become an independent force. His album “ANGEL WITH A DIRTY FACE” is complete and is expected to drop soon. By the way, you’ve heard it before “Black Hand’s the label, Black Hand’s the gang!!!” You better duck! We got another one.

“Like Ohh” video – Grafh featuring Busta Rhymes & Prinz

Gun Talk video” – Prinz

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