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The Fat Boys Record First Song in Over Two Decades

The Fat Boys Record First Song in Over Two Decades

The Fat Boys Record First Song in Over Two Decades

MIAMI, FL -“No Ring Rust on Hip-Hop’s Original Heavy-Weights…The Fat Boys Unite for a First Round KO.”

Prince Markie Dee recorded vocals in the Miami Studios of Uncle Louie Management and Kool Rock-ski recorded vocals in Eric B’s Clubhouse Studio in New Jersey. The concept, a Unite for Hip-Hop Old School Movement brought to the table by Elijah (also a member of the Uncle Louie Management artist roster), was eaten up by the Fat Boys’ healthy appetite for good music. Uncle Louie Management’s own J-Love the Silverglove, famed DJ and Producer of the Baka Boyz nationally syndicated Mix Master show, took the vocals into the Nursery Studios of Los Angeles and laid them over a smooth and emotional piano beat that really touches the heart. Samples of “Brrrrr Stick ’em” and The Human Beat Box are heard throughout the track, bringing the listener back to real old school hip-hop happiness. This track can be played for free, at no charge to the listener, at, the Original Fat Boys Official Homepage.

“This track is just an appetizer for the Original Fat Boys’ fans to wet their appetite. These Hip-Hop Heavy Weights are slim and trim but their flow and delivery is fatter than ever. With J-Love on board, the production will be tighter than Adidas jump-suits in 1984.” Louis Gregory, President of Uncle Louie Management.

“I just keep listening to it over and over again. I love it.” a fan wrote on the message boards.

Yes folks, it is for real, the Original Fat Boys are Back. Visit and listen to the first new Fat Boys song in almost two decades!

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