Saint breaks down About Time Part 3

Saint breaks down “About Time” Part 3

12. How Are You?
This track has a different feel from the rest of the album but for good reason. I wrote the lyrics to this one first and then made the beat. I usually do it the other way around and get inspired by the beat. I was thinking about how when people say hello which is usually followed up by a “how are you?” or “what’s going on?”. Ya know, something to that effect. Then we usually say “doin ok” or “nuttin much” and then we move on from there. What if we took that how are you literally and really let the person know how we feel or what’s goin on. This song has 3 stories from the perspective of 3 different people with very different situations. One is a young boy in school that is bullied by other students. Another is about a man who lost his family in a fire and has lost his faith and finally, one is about a gay boy who is afraid to come out to friends and family. This song is food for thought when sitting alone.

13. Who It is feat. Emskee
One of the many tracks featuring Good People Emcee Emskee. This beat has a cool chill vibe to it with Emskee speakin about his views and what he feels needs to be heard. For anyone familiar with him spittin, you know how he gets down.

14. Promise
This sounds like it could have been a lost track from my album “Grown Folk Music”. I usually like to have one song like this on each album. Sort of a hip hop with a touch of soulful house music to it. A song to lift your spirits. This is a song for you to put on when you feel down and out. A reminder that things will not last like this forever and of course we will all have better days even though it doesn’t feel like it at the moment. It actually was specifically written for my fiancee at the time which is now my wife. She has a very demanding job which can really weigh her down and for anybody, the stress she endures would affect anyones mood. A lot of us go through this. We can all relate to the words of this song. Of course it won’t fix your problem but hopefully help your mood somewhat. If not, I have failed you. I apologize.

15. Livin Phenomenons feat. Mr. Man (Free Download)
Here we are again, another Saint, Mr. Man track. For those who don’t know we met when I worked at a label back in 03. Was a huge Bush Babees fan and had been cool since. He was featured on Grown Folk Music as well. Also on a Good People track. This is one one of those havin fun braggin and boastin tracks.

16. Everything But Me feat. El Da Sensei & Emskee
This is one of the two bonus tracks on the album. At one time myself and El Da Sensei were label mates. I went out to Jersey to do somethin for him and I got him on somethin for me. I don’t have to tell you what a great Emcee El is. Its always fun collabin with artists that you grew up listening to. The feeling is worth more than any check from some label. To me this is what it’s all about. Doin what I love with people I love listenin to. I’m gettin a little off track here. Also why not throw yet another verse on from my dude Emskee. I knew he had some things to say on this topic. Its about the industry wanting you to be everything different than what you started out as. As if to say, you want me to sound like so and so, then go get them on your song or label! What’s the point of turning me into something I’m not? This is my style and if it does not fit your criteria then we are wasting each others time. A little side note, that’s me singin on the hook. I sang on a few hooks on the album. Here’s another fun fact for ya, I can’t really sing. After layering my voice so many times and after some processing, I eventually come up with something barely acceptable. You should hear each vocal track by itself dry. Even Paula Abdul would say I have no chance.

17. New Best Friend feat. Mr. Complex and Emskee
This is the second bonus track. This is how I met my wife. She had a man, I met her at Jamaica train station in Queens. I played the good friend role for about a month before stealing her and taking her to the alter a few years later. You ever hear visualize by Mr. Complex? As you know, he has very good story telling abilities with a style of humor that only he knows how to do. Had to get him on this one. He didn’t dissapoint. Check this line from his verse “let me tell you my genitalia smells like irish spring”. Nuff said. Classic shit. Oh and by the way, you are not going to believe who else I got on the track. That’s right, our old pal Emskee. I like how he came smooth on this one.

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