Lake Wales, FL – Super Bowl XLIII goes Old School

Lake Wales, FL – Super Bowl XLIII goes Old School

This year’s Super Bowl, staged in downtown Tampa Bay, promises to bring old school hits back to the grid iron. What’s more,, in association with Uncle Louie Music Group and Old School Management, has signed on some major Old School Hip-Hop Acts to carry the theme from the field to the stage; during the pre-game show, halftime event, and after game festivities, a double serving of old school hip-hop will be piled on, Fat Boys style!

President of Uncle Louie Music Group, Louis Gregory, at a press conference in Tampa this week told press: “Our Old School Movement has been embraced by America and this is the perfect way to kick off our TV show and our World Tour. We are excited about the possibilites tomorrow will bring with Obama at the reins and we are looking forwrd to feeding the world’s craving for Old School Hip-Hop; this music brings people back to better times. We will be at the VH-1 Hip-Hop Honors in full force and hopefully, in 2009 one of our groups, the Fat Boys will be inducted into the Rock n’ Roll hall of fame. I will see you at Diddy’s Super Bowl kickoff!”

San Diego Charger’s Legendary exNFLer Mikhael Ricks will be on-site, hosting athletic events and signing autographs for the kids. Various Official NFL Jersey’s will be given away to 20 lucky kids. Six foot six Ricks will be posted up in the ULMG Super Bowl tent, running drills, exercises and activities on Super Bowl Sunday (Tent 368A). Check out for more info on this exNFLer and his charity organization; set to launch Super Bowl Sunday 2009.

Krush Groove and Disorderlies stars, Prince Markie Dee and Kool Rock-ski, both legendary members of the Fat Boys and hosts of a new hip-hop reality TV show, will be performing live at half-time. The Fat Boys will be accompanied by JJ Fad, who will perform ‘Supersonic’ to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of their Platinum selling 1989 release. The roster of old schoolers invited to this mega-event includes Kurtis Blow, Biz Markie, Chuck D, legendary DJ Eric B. and Big Daddy Kane, just to name a few. The Old School Movement kicks off next weekend in downtown Tampa and concludes as Prince Markie Dee and Uncle Louie make their final Super Bowl appearance appearance at Diddy’s Official Super Bowl Kickoff party. DJ J-Love the Silver Glove of the famed Baka Boyz nationally syndicated radio sho will be mixing live. Philadelphia MC Elijah will be performing his new hit “Cheaters Die” accompanied by Freedom Alive from Los Angeles.

When asked about next weekend’s events, Prince Markie Dee said:

“Blessed man, that’s all I can say. To be back in the game again, twenty years after our last record, to be performing at such a huge venue and to be surrounded by the people that I respect and admire; blessed, that’s what’s up. ”

Juana of JJ Fad says:

“We felt honored when the Fat Boys reached out to put us on their tour but to be involved in this year’s Super Bowl was something that we never would have imagined. Go Cardinals! I can say that right?”

Kurtis Blow was unavailable to comment as he was preparing the sermon for his ministries, as he will be unable to deliver them in his absence on Sunday. [Kurtis Blow is Pastor of the Hip Hop Ministry.]

Eric B added:

I’m looking forward to the trip man, hanging with my man Louie and just having a good time. My new group Eric B featuring Avion will be performing at the Super Bowl, what else can I say? Hit the Dance Floor!”

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