X-Clan Streams Entire New Album Online

X-Clan Streams Entire New Album Online

Hip-Hop Legends X-Clan Streams Entire New Album Online

Hip-hop legends, X-Clan, have streamed their entire new album, “Mainstream Outlawz” online at www.MySpace.com/XClanMusic. The album was recently released through Suburban Noize Records and features guest appearances by Bun B of UGK, Medusa and Supanatural.

“X-Clan is part of the Tru-school, meaning it’s either real or it’s not. In these days and times if you’re not kicking something uplifting and empowering you are doing the people an injustice,” commented Brother J. “A lot of old school artists sold out for the dollar and a lot of new school artists are born into selling out as a trend. I feel if the veteran artists set a better example Tru-school music would set the tone for all our generations. Right now , there are only a handful of artists that produce music that is street credible and family accepted, X-Clan remains pioneers in that genre, especially in this new millennium.”

X-Clan, one of the genres most powerful and influential hip-hop crews ever, returned in 2007 after nearly a decade-long hiatus with their long awaited comeback album “Return From Mecca”. The SOURCE Magazine proclaimed that “Brother J shines as he nourishes with vanglorious music,” while the Los Angeles Times said the album was “a rare rap ‘Return’ well worth the wait.” The critically acclaimed album saw the group dropping their unique brand of ancestral wisdom and culture to a whole new generation of hip-hop fans on sold out tours with Public Enemy, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley and Jurassic 5.

The foundation for “Mainstream Outlawz” was built over a year long period with X-Clan mastermind Brother J venturing into the heart of Houston, TX to re-ignite hip-hop’s flame. The move brought out bouts of intense creativity bolstered by Brother J and his collaborators love for music. X-Clan is on a quest to bring hip-hop back to the roots of the genre and are proudly waiving the hip-hop flag, while leading the revolution to revive lost art of rhyme.

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