Kurtis Blow is back | Kurtis Blow Blesses Your Cell Phone with Old School Ring Tones

Los Angeles – Kurtis Blow Blesses Your Cell Phone with Old School Ring Tones

Uncle Louie Management signed yet another Old School Star. First it was the Fat Boys, then it was JJ Fad, and now the Original Kurtis Blow is returning to the hip-hop scene. Kurtis will join the Fat Boys and JJ Fad on tour this year and will be a participant on the Fat Boys new reality TV show.

Kurtis Blow, the founder of Hip-Hop is the true undisputed champion of Old School Music. Whether it be “If I Ruled the World”, “Basketball”, “The Breaks”, or any of his many hit records, Kurtis Blow is sure to resound in your Old School Memories. It is only fitting that to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of his first record deal, Kurtis Blow has signed another! This time around, this Old School Rapper turned Minister has gone digital and in doing so, has announced the first ever release of his catalogue for Ring Tone and Call Tone Distribution, through Uncle Louie Music Group who also hosts the Fat Boys, JJ Fad and various other Old School Catalogues with major distribution on all major mobile networks including Verizon and AT&T. So watch out iTunes, cause it’s Kurtis Blow and he’s heading straight from the hip-hop history books into your iPods and iPhones! Also be on the look out for the Fat Boys reuniting with Production by Kurtis Blow on their upcoming album. Who knows? Kurtis may even work with the JJ Fad 20th Anniversary Album. One thing is for sure though, Kurtis can be found praising God and preaching the words of the Bible with the Hip Hop Church Ministry where he leads his congregation, like his music, with positivity and family values.

Kurtis Blow: “Me and Louie are going to do some real amazing things this year.”

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