Tanya Morgan To Be Honored At Brooklynati Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony | Mayor Says It’s A Dream Come True To Have The Critically Acclaimed Artists As Residents

Tanya Morgan To Be Honored At Brooklynati Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony | Mayor Says It’s “A Dream Come True” To Have The Critically Acclaimed Artists As Residents

Bay Area-based record label Interdependent Media announced that they will release the multi-media project Brooklynati by rap group Tanya Morgan on May 12th. Highlighting the creativity and throwback sounds of the emcee trio Tanya Morgan, Brooklynati is an album, a place, and a state of mind. With Tanya Morgan providing the soundtrack, the Brooklynati project invites fans to become part of the virtual city of Brooklynati and one of the most involved and intricate marketing campaigns ever created for a hip-hop release. Hot off the success of their critically acclaimed debut album Moonlighting which received nods from ?uestlove, The Source and XXL, Tanya Morgan is stepping out of hip-hop’s shadow and moving to Brooklynati. Are you coming?

Miles away from the watered-down hype of auto-tune, the glam of Hollywood, big bank accounts, and even larger cars lays the virtual city of Brooklynati. Brooklynati, is Anytown, USA; a place where small record shops struggle to stay alive, local corner stores become impromptu gathering spots, and people enjoy city parks, attractions and performance venues regularly. Providing the soundtrack to our daily encounters, this album gives everyday people a chance to discover the things they have in common with the three members of Tanya Morgan; Ilyas, Donwill, and Von Pea. Discussing his move to Brooklynati, Donwill from Tanya Morgan says, “Brooklynati is the most real place I know”.

As part of the Brooklynati experience, fans will have the opportunity to explore the city of Brooklynati through a virtual metropolis outfitted with an extensive website, video newscasts, a zoo, mayor’s office, and even a fledgling mom and pop record store. Fans will have a chance to “move” to Brooklynati, become part of the vibrant city, get their very own Brooklynati driver’s license, and order Chinese from their favorite takeout spot. The multi-faceted multimedia campaign driving the Brooklynati experience will feature a plethora of innovative limited edition merchandise including New Era Brooklynati caps, one-of-a-kind MUNNY collectibles from THIS SIDE UP DESIGNS, Brooklynati Public Library cards which will entitle its holders to access the Library Systems files, Tanya Morgan paper toys, and city destination relics featuring the most popular spots in Brooklynati. The unveiling of the Brooklynati project will also include album release parties in 5 major cities at premiere venues.

In 2003, Brooklyn resident Von Pea teamed up with Cincinnati’s Donwill and Ilyas to form Tanya Morgan. Three years later, the group’s Moonlighting LP took the rap world by storm, receiving a 3.5 mic rating from The Source and high praise in XXL’s Chairman’s Choice column. Donwill describes the group’s uniqueness and appeal: “Instead of jam-packing our releases with different producers and guest emcees for attention, we carefully choose who we work with because we make it a priority to cultivate our own sound and identity. We look to groups like Eric B and Rakim, who honed their own sound and rarely collaborated with other artists.” After touring the US more than a few times following their debut release, the crew came back in 2008 with release of their mixtape Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group and their EP The Bridge. Brooklynati will be released via Interdependent Media on May 12, 2009.

About Interdependent Media:

Founded in 2006 in the Bay Area by Evan Phillips, Interdependent Media has built unique strengths in the development, production, and marketing of recorded music via new methods of marketing and promotion. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of both traditional and emerging methods of marketing, iM has successfully created multi-faceted methods of raising awareness and interest in their projects. Industry veterans Ian “ID” Davis and Dominic Del Bene head operations at iM and are credited with discovering and/or developing artists such as 9th Wonder, Little Brother, Tanya Morgan, Blackalicious, Del the Funky Homosapien, the Hieroglyphics and more. In 2009, iM will be releasing multi-media projects from artists Finale, Canibus, K’naan, Truthlive, and Tanya Morgan. For more information, please visit http://www.imculture.com

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Critical Praise for Tanya Morgan:
“The trio’s latest, the savory The Bridge EP, demonstrates why Tanya Morgan has been a critical favorite for the last several years. Their deliveries are effortless, their beats run the gamut from smooth to boom-bappy, and their music has an inspiring vibe.” – The Source

“Never mind the name — Tanya Morgan is a hip-hop trio with an affinity for soul breaks, big beats and complex, conscious lyrics.”” – RollingStone.com

“their newest project, the highly anticipated The Bridge, is garnering them more buzz than a U.S. soldier’s haircut.” – XXLMag.com

“With all due respect to Talib and Hi-Tek, I’m actually more inclined to revisit team Tanya’s likeably loose, bordering-on-sloppy inaugural effort than said ballyhooed backpack-crowd classic.” – XXL – Chariman’s Choice

Streams (From The Bridge EP):
How Low

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