MTVs Snoop Dogg After Dark Gives Kid CuDi The VIP Treatment

Snoop’s Dogg After Dark Debuts Tonight at 9pm on MTV

These days people just don’t how to treat cats, huh? An exciting, upcoming rapper can’t even wear his Nikes to an All-Star party without getting tasered? What kind of world are we living in? Well, it’s good that we still got folks like Snoop Dogg that know how to correctly roll out the red carpet! And tonight the Doggfather shows us how to properly throw a star studded shingdig.

Tune in to Dogg After Dark tonight to watch the first TV performance by rising Hip-Hop star Kid CuDi. And you better believe that the evening’s host, Big Snoop, allowed CuDi to wear whatever sneakers he wanted.

Also look for Hip-Hop artist/producer Pharrell, celebutante Paris Hilton, OG actor Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and performances by Snoop’s house band, The Snoopadelics.

When Snoop throws a party, he does it right!

Dogg After Dark
Debut Episode
Tonight 9pm est/pst
Only on MTV

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