Uncle Louie Music Group goes VERB’L

PHOENIX, AZ – Uncle Louie Music Group goes VERB’L

His tone and flow remind many of Tupac; his name is VERB’L. Pronounced the same as verbal, VERB’L makes sure that the west coast is represented galantly with his experience enriched delivery. This rap veteran’s upcoming release, aptly titled “My Truest Thoughts”, is slated to hit stores on March 24, 2009. Uncle Louie A&R DJ 2Swift brought VERB’L to the Uncle Louie Label and together with VERB’L, they are keeping Phoenix Arizona on the Hip-Hop radar. a sample from his upcoming release as well as a sneak preview of his album cover, featuring the Uncle Louie Music Group’s Phantom, may be previewed on the official MySpace of VERB’L at:

VERB’L joins JJ Fad, The Fat Boys, Freedom Alive, Booker Moon, Elijah, and various other Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock and Pop artists who call Uncle Louie Music Group home.

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