Dub City Chronicals Set to Release Feb 28th with L.I.R.I.X & DJ Law

Dub City Chronicals Set to Release Feb 28th w/ L.I.R.I.X & DJ Law

Dub City Chronicles Vol.1 is set to be released on Feb 28th by artist L.I.R.I.X with production by Canada’s well known DJ Law. The mixtape collaboration project is one of two installments, with Dub City Chronicles Vol.2 being set to release in April 2009.


1. Da Introduction
2. History In Da Makin’
3. Jackin’ 4 Beatz
4. La Di Da Di
5. What You Rep
6. L.I.R.I.X. On Demand
7. This Iz, This Iz
8. Click Clack
9. Most Notable
10. You Got
11. Worst Nightmare
12. Nasty North
13. Bring ’em Out
14. Tell Me (Why)
15. Daily News
16. I Woke Up
17. To The Limit
18. Can’t Nobody Love Me
19. At Night
20. Remember Me (When I’m Gone)

About L.I.R.I.X
Mathew Taylor aka L.I.R.I.X. is a hip hop artist on the rise bound for greatness. His raw and descriptive story telling cuts deep, giving real insight into triumph and pain. Steered into hip hop by his brother, L.I.R.I.X. became inspired at a very early age. He looked up to hip hop’s finest, artists like Run DMC, LL Cool J, Rakim and Kool Moe Dee just to name a few. Managing to consistently stay at the top of his game, his work ethic can only be described as fierce. As many artists often do, L.I.R.I.X. credits his music for helping him get through some of the toughest times. In the midst of some personal tragedies his passion and desire for his craft has only grown stronger. Today, his latest single “Second Renaissance” is proof of that, which has surpassed 7,500 downloads since being released this summer. Honest and to the point, each verse spits fire. As with all his songs, this one makes you think and then think some more. A lyricist, rapper and poet, L.I.R.I.X. is many things. However at the end of the day he is simply a story teller of truth.

L.I.R.I.X is set to release his Sample of Soul project the ending of March 2009. The compilation of music produced with classic R&B and Soul samples with L.I.R.I.X spitting verses about various scenarios of love, relationships and social issues. For now, his fans can listen to weekly song releases, free to download on his blog: www.lirixondemand.blogspot.com

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