A Preview to Big TReaL – The Stimulus Package Free song download

A Preview to Big TReaL’s “The Stimulus Package”

Fresh for 2009, Big TReaL has decided to drop an album for free download titled “The Stimulus Package”, detailing exactly how he feels about the current state of America and how we can rebound from the peril we are facing. Before the official release of “The Stimulus Package” is made available in the near future, we have three tracks that you can download now.

Free Downloads taken from Big TReaL’s “The Stimulus Package”:
No More” MP3 (Produced by 9th Wonder)
The Permenant Underclass” MP3
The Obama Effect” MP3

Big TReaL’s “The Stimulus Package” coming soon!

For more info, check out Big TReaL on Myspace.com

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