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The Fat Boys’ Kool Rock-ski Extends his Play

The Fat Boys’ Kool Rock-ski Extends his Play

Perhaps the most beloved old school hip-hop group of them all, The Fat Boys announced their comeback with the culmination of 2009 and after a twenty year hiatus, they reappeared with; an old school portal of sorts, with amazing pictures of their physical transformation from Fat Boys to fit men. After chatting directly with their fans on the forums, the messages were clean; the fans missed the Boys, missed their original music and, after hearing the Fat Boys Unite track, they wanted more new music.

So began the journey and with twenty years of ring rust, Kool Rock-ski took to the mic and crafted an extended play (EP) release with old time friend and producer, Shawn Raynor. Slated for digital release through Uncle Louie Music Group in March 2009, this project is cutting edge Fat Boys and Kool Rock’s delivery is sure to amaze and captivate listeners of all ages; it will be available on all major digital download networks including Amazon and iTunes. Through a special deal with AT&T, Verizon and other major cellular carriers, Uncle Louie Music Group has made Kool Rock-ski ringtones available for the first time ever.

The Extended Play Release, featuring four tracks, is an upbeat compilation and may be sampled at Kool Rock Ski’s Official website

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