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After Season Three of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” Only on E!

You see their beautiful faces in videos featuring the biggest names in music. They electrify the rooms of Hollywood’s most glamorous events and exclusive parties. They are “Candy Girls” and when the music industry elite is looking for the finest faces in town to sweeten their scene, these are the women they call. People want to know them, party with them and even be them, but most don’t know what life is really like for these “it” girls. Beyond hanging with music superstars, riding in fancy cars and enjoying infinite luxuries, there lies a world of competition, cattiness and a constant reminder that life as a “Candy Girl” lasts only as long as their looks. Now E! exposes the fierce and sexy world of some of the most sought-after hip hop video divas to reveal what their lives are really like. Meet the first ladies of hip hop when “Candy Girls” premieres Sunday, March 8 at 10:30pm ET/PT on E!

This new half-hour series follows successful, savvy businesswomen Danielle, owner of “Bella,” the premiere talent agency for the music industry’s casting needs. Whether negotiating deals, out on the town entertaining famous clients or stomping out fires between her girls, Danielle’s job never stops. She works overtime to manage her roster of alluring women, who have worked with the likes of Kanye West, 50 Cent, Outkast, Jay-Z and Three 6 Mafia. Her talent roster includes: video veteran Brooke, the self-proclaimed diva of the group; outspoken and fellow seasoned professional Terricka, who juggles her career with being a single mother; stunning Olivia, daughter of music legend Booker T. Jones and the source of much jealousy among the girls due to her privileged background; and new-girl Blanca, the Latina spitfire, whose inexperience and flightiness often causes conflict between her and Danielle. Trying to help Danielle keep her sanity are two members of her inner circle: best friend and not-always-reliable assistant Kysha, and celebrity stylist April, who balances her heavy client list with raising the 10-year-old son she had with model Tyson Beckford.

The series kicks off with “Bella” landing a magazine shoot featuring Danielle and two of her top models: Brooke and Terricka. Danielle is concerned about the girls revealing too much about their personal lives in the feature, and when she advises Terricka to keep quiet about her four-year-old daughter, the discussion explodes into fireworks. The two get into a serious argument, creating tensions between them that will be felt throughout the season. Feeling disrespected, Danielle asks Blanca to take Terricka’s spot in the shoot, putting her newest “Candy Girl” in the middle of all the drama. While the controversy unfolds on set, Olivia is trying to spread her wings and move from video girl to actor. Danielle is able to get her an audition for a film, but Olivia is not sure she has the “chops” to make it in the industry.

As the season rolls out, viewers will get a closer look at the glamorous life of the “Candy Girls” as they hit video sets of recording artists MIMS, N.E.R.D. featuring Pharrell Williams and The D.R.E.A.M. E! goes front and center with Danielle’s girls as they take center stage with Grammy nominee J. Holiday at his pre-award show bash, host multiple events at the NBA All Star Weekend in Phoenix and take over Sin City at the renowned Magic Clothing Convention.

Throughout the season the real story is the drama that happens behind the scenes. When Terricka and Olivia realize they are mere background talent on a music video set and will be receiving a meager paycheck, they take action and walk off a high-profile N.E.R.D. music shoot. Temptations run wild for the girls on the job, especially for Blanca, whose partying stretches the limits of professional boundaries forcing Danielle to take action. Like all the “Candy Girls,” Brooke turns heads everywhere she goes and juggles many different men at the same time, but her adventurous love life backfires in a big way when her “Main Guy” catches wind of her going out on a date with another man. Plus, Olivia deals with being the good-girl of the group as the other girls often make her feel like an outsider in their exclusive world.

“Bella” is a powerhouse in the music industry and Danielle relies on Kysha and April to keep it running. Kysha is responsible for managing the bookings and schedules for the girls, but she continually proves to be unreliable which forces Danielle to consider firing her. April serves as Danielle’s eyes and ears on the video sets to help her keep a close watch on her girls, but she has issues of her own since splitting from her son’s father Tyson Beckford. A visit from this famous model leads to quality family time, setting off sparks and a possible reconciliation. Amidst keeping all her models and business in check, Danielle must keep her game face on at all times, which proves to be incredibly difficult when she is forced to deal with the shock and sadness of learning her mother has been diagnosed with cancer.

Love them or hate them, everyone will be turning their heads to watch “Candy Girls,” premiering Sunday, March 8 at 10:30pm ET/PT on E!

“Candy Girls” is produced by Good Clean Fun, LLC in association with Coalition Media. Jason Carbone, Leah Landon and Troy Carter serve as executive producers, and Sarah Kane is co-executive producer. Damla Dogan and Jennifer Danska are executives in charge of production for E!

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