MP3: Junk Science – Running Shoes

MP3: Junk Science – “Running Shoes”

“It’s an Obama song that has nothing to do with politics.”

The Song:

This new track contains all the beloved elements of a classic Junk Science joint: that gritty, intentionally low-fi beat quality, complements of DJ Snafu, and deep, thoughtful, relevant lyrics crafted by Baje One. Entitled “Running Shoes,” the song is easily enjoyed upon its first listening due to its groovy beat, heavily supported by the kick drum and electric guitar, and Baje’s effortless flow. The words, however, have more to them than one might think. Baje himself explains “Running Shoes” as a track that was written in celebration of President Obama’s recent election, and the fact that things in general seemed like they would change. Baje says, “Just the possibility alone that things could be different than they were before, that was enough for me. So that’s where this song comes from. It’s an Obama song that has nothing to do with politics.”

The Background:

Junk Science is made up of Baje One on the mic and DJ Snafu on the beats. This duo met in the mid 90’s while attending high school in Brooklyn, NY and immediately started making music. It was not until 2003 that the pair buckled down to record their debut LP Feeding Einstein. The album received little notice until 2005, when Baje and Snafu won Scion’s NextUp Song Contest with their track “Roads.” The video for this song caught the attention of DJ Ese, founder of Embedded Records, who signed Junk Science that year and released Feeding Einstein to critical acclaim. 2007 saw the release of their sophomore effort Gran’Dads Nerve Tonic on Definitive Jux Records, which they aligned with a promotional limited edition beer created by Brooklyn brewery Six Points Craft Ales. Their third album, A Miraculous Kind of Machine, is due out later this year.


Running Shoes

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