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MySpace Records: Bossman, musical manifestation of The Wire

For most people, The Wire was a television show that depicted the rugged, drug-infested streets of Baltimore. For Bossman, the program was almost like a home movie. Fortunately, when the Charm City native’s parents were incarcerated, he went to live with his grandmother. While there, he saw his uncle go to school and graduate and saw other members of his family go to work everyday as upstanding citizens. So as Bossman’s friends were being shot to death or sentenced to decade-plus prison terms, he knew the path he wanted to pursue.

Bossman looked beyond his own struggles and realized that adversity helped shaped his character — and made him stronger. He felt kindred spirits when listening to the music of Nas and 2Pac. “They rapped about the street and the struggle,” Bossman says. “It wasn’t the glamorous part of it, but more of a real aspect. I appreciated that and I saw them be able to express that in music. That’s what drew me into rap. With all of the hard stuff that I’d seen and the struggles, I could relate to that.”

Given his hardscrabble life to this point, the Maryland native knew that he needed a moniker that carried some heft. As his music became more personal and he started gaining fame in the Baltimore streets, he assumed the name Bossman. Boss is short for Based On Struggle and Success. That’s how he feels about his life and he sees himself as the voice of struggle.

His new single, “Break Me Off” from MySpace Records has already enjoyed more than 1.1 million plays on his myspace page, and is already Top 10 at Baltimore’s WERQ. The sensual yet club-ready record shows that Bossman can flex his lyricism, retain his street cred and deliver a hit record – all at once.

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