Free Download: MidaZ Bang Dis Freestyle MP3

Free Download: MidaZ “Bang Dis” Freestyle MP3

An introduction to MidaZ: He’s a vicious “pad n pen” kleptomaniac – known for “beasting” your favorite rapper, with the talent to stand amongst the greatest in due time. With an unheard of combination of raw talent to script words, an intimidating and commanding voice, and a style so versatile you can’t corner him, MidaZ is well on his way to be heard on the largest scale.

Not only is he a battle competitor and title holder throughout the south east, MidaZ is known for crafting the most creative and soul capturing songs, backed by impeccable production from his partner in criminal acts, IMAKEMADBEATS. Having worked with a slew of underground hip hop’s elite (Beretta 9, Blue Sky Black Death, Sabac Red, shyheim, 12 o’clock, Louiseville Sluggah, Roc C etc..) he’s truly earned the title of “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.”

After dropping three critically acclaimed mixtapes (“Muggs Vs MidaZ”, “Beast Wars”, “Pete Rock Vs MidaZ”), the self proclaimed BEAST’s next project is “Au”, his debut solo LP. You can test him, hate him, or trash him – but you simply can’t deny him. Once you listen, you’ll know why.

Free Download: MidaZ “Bang Dis” Freestyle MP3

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