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J*DaVeY Announce Spring European Tour | California-based Duo To Prepare Seven Date European Tour For April

J*DaVeY Announce Spring European Tour | California-based Duo To Prepare Seven Date European Tour For April

Critical Praise for J*DaVeY:
“Freaking futuristic electro jazz, retro-soul bittersweetness, next-level hip-hop schematics, and punk-funk sleaze on a suavely savage double-disc debut, this Los Angeles duo specializes in baby-making music for 22nd century robots.” – Spin Magazine

“Davey and D’Leau have developed an utterly unique sub-genre of one within the stagnating neo-soul scene. This is perfect bedroom music, but certainly not meant to be confined behind a single closed door.” – URB Magazine

“We really love these two. We really do. They’re the bee’s knees.” MetroMixLA

“The thirst quencher needed to revitalize the current state of music has finally arrived in the form of J*DaVeY.” –

(April 6, 2009 – Brooklyn, NY) Fresh off winning MTVU’s Freshman 5 for their brand new video, “Slooow,” J*DaVeY, the genre bending California-based duo are proud to announce an upcoming European tour for the month of April. The tour, which kicks off April 8 in London, will span almost two weeks and feature performances in seven European cities, including stops in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and more.

More than just a run-of-the-mill performance, the duo’s live show is an unforgettable experience that has received rave reviews. In The New York Times, writer Jon Caramonica sang the group high praises. In regard to vocalist Jack Davey’s seductively electrifying presence, Caramonica wrote, “Sporting what could only be described as a torrential Mohawk, Ms. Davey was an effortless performer – vocally assured, physically lithe, emotionally raw.” Now, as the duo prepares to head overseas in just a few short days, J*DaVeY’s European fans will have the opportunity to be similarly hypnotized.

After releasing The Beauty In Distortion and The Land Of The Lost double EP to high-acclaim, being featured everywhere from Fader to Allure to CSI: New York, and having performed with the likes of The Roots and Prince, J*DaVeY are prepared to build on their deafening buzz. Their forthcoming release, New Designer Drug, points toward a new direction for J*DaVeY, as the group dives into new sounds and refuses to be boxed, classified, or artistically stagnated. New Designer Drug will feature the guest production efforts from ?uestlove of The Roots, Greg Wells, and Khari Farrai and will be available this summer via Warner Bros Records.

Wed-Apr-8 London, United Kingdom Gramophone
Thu-Apr-9 Amsterdam, Netherlands Paradiso
Fri-Apr-10 Bern, Switzerland Dachstock
Sat-Apr-11 Rotterdam, Netherlands Motel Mozaique
Sun-Apr-12 Berlin, Germany Cookies
Fri-Apr-17 Wien, Austria Roxy
Sat-Apr-18 Cologne, Germany Luxor

The Background:

With production ranging from the spastic, space-age drums of “Mr. Mister” to the celestial keys of “Might As Well,” The Beauty In Distortion plays with the variance and depth of a polished, full album. On The Land of the Lost, producer-extraordinaire ?uestlove and Renaissance emcee Phonte of Little Brother contribute in an equally holistic compilation of futuristic records. Throughout the 23 tracks, two constants bind the project together in a mystical fashion: the steamy vocal musings of Jack Davey and the bleeps, drums, and melodies of Brook D’Leau.

Heralded as a cross between Prince and the B-52s, J*DaVeY is in fact influenced by too many genres to count. A fusion of funk, surf, soul, hip-hop, and electronic secret sauce, the J*DaVeY EPs will satiate starving fans from all ends of the musical spectrum. Already featured everywhere from Fader to Allure to CSI: New York, Jack and Brook are prepared to smoothly swagger into the limelight with their first major release. All ears not finely tuned to the freshly paved street will ring come July. The Beauty In Distortion / The Land of the Lost EP is in stores now.


“Slooow” Video

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