Hoboken, NJ – Old School Cures Cancer

Hoboken, NJ – Old School Cures Cancer

The Fat Boys join forces with the American Cancer Society and with Macy’s Department Store “Systems Soldiers”, they are ready for the “Relay for Life”. Yes, it’s true, Old School Rap can help cure cancer and so can you! Prince Markie Dee and Kool Rock-ski have set a goal, not only are they healthy, fit and focused on staying in shape, they also want to see a cure for cancer before it’s too late! Together with Macy’s own Ed McManus, the Original Fat Boys are celebrating Easter and sharing their blessings by pushing for the hip-hop communities support of this “cure for cancer” initiative.

Like Macy’s, who has long supported the American Cancer Society, so too does Uncle Louie Music Group (ULMG); ULMG is home to artists like the Fat Boys, Candyman, Elijah, Verb’l, J-Love, DJ 2 Swift, Butterscotch, JJ Fad, and many more. Lending prime internet real estate on EricBandRakim.com, OriginalFatBoys.com, ItsButterscotch.com and over a dozen of their websites, the Uncle Louie Music Group has also made a large cash donation to this deserving charity. Through a partnership with eBay, over the course of the next 48 hours, ULMG and the Fat Boys will donate $2 from every Fat Boys 2-Disk CD set sold on eBay (eBay Keyword: Fat Boys 2 disk set).

The Fat Boys, the Uncle Louie Music Group, and its artist roster and committed to this cause and they ask for the hip-hop industry to support this cause. Whether it be by posting this press release, forwarding the message to your email distribution list or making a cash donation, the world’s help is needed and appreciated. Donations can be made directly at www.Uncle-Louie.com/cancer

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