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MIMS PHONES HOME TO FANS Platinum rapper chats live with listeners via SayNow # (646) 722-0350

MIMS PHONES HOME TO FANS Platinum rapper chats live with listeners via SayNow # (646) 722-0350

Having sold over 3 million ringtones to date, platinum rapper MIMS constantly shows up on fans’ cellphones. He now takes this knack to the next level via the popular phone-based community SayNow. MIMS celebrated the Tuesday release of his sophomore album Guilt (Capitol/American King Music) by conversing one-on-one with excited fans. He will be doing this all of next week as well; you too can talk to him by dialing (646) 722-0350. This is a totally unprecedented level of artist accessibility and a great show of giving back to MIMS supporters.

SayNow customarily permits registered users to leave phone messages for their favorite celebrities. But SayNow has added a revolutionary bit of technology that rings an artist’s actual phone when his/her SayNow number is entered. By engaging the service’s Live Mode, MIMS answered a string of calls in real time today, as fans lit up the switchboard to report that they’d just copped Guilt or had just seen the star at one of his many promotional appearances.

Listen here to one of today’s live conversations between MIMS and a nearly-speechless fan hailing from San Antonio:

On Tuesday April 14th, MIMS will appear on ABC’s popular late-night program Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform “Move (If You Wanna),” the kick-off single from Guilt. As he reports to the thrilled Texan above, he’ll next be releasing the earthshaking single “Love Rollercoaster,” featuring LeToya and produced by Da internz. Expect the song to break in a couple weeks, and the accompanying video soon thereafter.

MIMS, born Shawn Mims, made the third-biggest jump in Billboard Hot 100 history when his debut single “This is Why I’m Hot” streaked from No. 32 to No. 1 in March 2007. The song sold 1.6 million digital copies and 2.8 million ringtones. His second single “Like This” moved more than a half-million digital copies. These two anthems propelled his first album, Music Is My Savior, to No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200 national chart and No. 2 on both the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and Rap Albums charts. Most recently, “Move (If You Wanna)” has racked up 13 million song streams on MIMS’ myspace page, bumping the total number of streams to well over 50 million.

“My music represents the majority,” MIMS said recently. “I’m just a musician intent on making good music; that way, people in L.A. or the Midwest or the South don’t feel like I’m distancing myself from them.” Indeed, reach MIMS anywhere by dialing (646) 722-0350.

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