Definitive Jux Travels Through Time with New Compilation, Out This Week | Definitive Jux Presents Time Travel (Vol. 1) (Definitive Jux Records)

Definitive Jux Travels Through Time with New Compilation, Out This Week | Definitive Jux Presents Time Travel (Vol. 1) (Definitive Jux Records)

Release Date: 04/14/09

Definitive Jux is taking fans through a hip hop journey from the 1990’s to the present with a new compilation hitting stores this week. Definitive Jux Presents Time Travel allows fans to literally travel through time with the label that has “blessed open-minded hip-hop fans with the most sonically bold and lyrically dense music” [The Source].

Like all Jux releases, Time Travel is anything but predictable. Classic singles from Aesop Rock, El-P, Cannibal Ox, Mr. Lif, and more sidle up next to newer offerings from the likes of UK hip hop sensation Dizzee Rascal and jazzy-funk band Chin Chin, before jetting into the future with yet to be released singles by Junk Science, Danny, and Cage, who’s “Nothing Left to Say” should more than whet fans appetites for his newest album, Depart From Me, due this summer. The compilation is rounded out with exclusive remixes such as Fatboy Slim’s take on The Mighty Underdogs’ “Laughing at You” and Blockhead’s version of Hangar 18’s “Beatslope”.

Time Travel (Vol. 1) comes just as Def Jux prepares for the release of several highly anticipated albums, including a long in demand re-issue of Company Flow’s classic Funcrusher Plus, the 1997 album that “had a galvanizing effect on the underground hip-hop scene…paving the way for a new brand of avant-garde experimentalism that blatantly defied commercial considerations” [] and a new album from the chronically disturbed (and musically genius) Cage. Both albums will hit stores this summer.

Start time traveling with Company Flow’s “Population Control,” below, and continue the trip with an exclusive preview of the compilation available now at

Company Flow – “Population Control” [1997]

1) Cannibal Ox “Iron Galaxy”
2) Camutao “Hold The Floor”
3) Aesop Rock “Fast Cars”
4) Cage “Hell’s Winter”
5) Tasmanian Pain Coaster El-P
6) Mr. Lif “Brothaz”
7) Dizzee Rascal (feat. UGK) “Where’s Da G’s” (El-P Remix)
8) Rob Sonic “Dylsexia (Aesop Rock Remix)
9) Hangar 18 “Beatslope (Blockhead Remix)
10) The Mighty Underdogs (feat. Casual) “Laughing At You (Fatboy Slim

11) Aesop “Tomorrow Morninig”
12) Chin Chin “Some Like It Hot”
13) Cage “Nothing Left To Say”
14) Company Flow “Population Control”
15) Junk Science “Firedrill”
16) Danny “Just Friends Live”
17) El-P “TODT” (Daryyl Palumbo Remix)
18) Cool Calm Pete “Get With The Times”
19) Despot “Crap Artist”
20) Camu Tao “Plot For a Little Bit”

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