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MP3: Tonex – Love Me 4 Me If you ever need a hand / You can always take the chance / I’m a man who can put it down / Keep it coming

MP3: Tonex – “Love Me 4 Me” If you ever need a hand / You can always take the chance / I’m a man who can put it down / Keep it coming

The Song:

It’s usually hit or miss with artists attempting genre crossovers, but Tonex has made this move with grace. In his latest single, “Love Me 4 Me,” Tonex’s sensual vocal chorus blends seamlessly with the R & B melody and syncopated rhythm. Also, with each listen you’ll discover new vocal runs characteristic of the gospel tradition. Although R & B and gospel combinations have long been done by other artists, Tonex distinguishes himself by adding unexpected elements, such as a hip-hop beat, to his songs. “Love Me 4 Me” is another example of Tonex’s unique ability to successfully combine sounds and blend genres. Oh and did we mention that “Love Me 4 Me” is a perfect track for your baby-making playlist? No need to be embarrassed… we all have one.

Audio Stream

Also, Battery Records has just made free mp3 of the lead single, “Bl3nd

The Background:

Gospel music that combines elements of pop, R&B, jazz, soul, funk, hip hop, rock, Latin, electro, punk, and trance seems like a recipe for disaster. But for Tonex (pronounced “Toe-Nay”), using a hodge podge of different genres to spread the word is so second nature that he even created a name, “Nureau,” for his multifarious sound. Born in San Diego and raised heavily in the church, Tonex has been recording music since he was 10 years old. His 1997 independently released project, Pronounced Toe-Nay, received so much acclaim that it landed him a performance on the Stellar Music Awards, which immediately shifted his career into high gear. Now after a string of successful albums, including Out of the Box, in which he received a Grammy nomination and six Stellar Awards, Tonex is back with his new LP Unspoken. After a five year hiatus, Tonex’s says this project is a transitional work in which he lets the music speak for itself in reaching his diverse audience. Unspoken tackles a wide range of subjects while delicately balancing on the hinges of mainstream and Tonex’s gospel roots, while conveying Tonex’s variety, musical prowess, and adaptability. Unspoken will be released March 17th via Battery Records, a newly formed imprint under Sony Music Entertainment’s RCA/ JIVE Label Group umbrella.

Stream: “Love Me 4 Me

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