Free Download: ProlifiCal – Lyricist Parlae EP

Free Download: ProlifiCal “Lyricist Parlae” EP

From the depths of creativity emerge two of Cali’s finest emcees, who naturally seem to demolish the preconception that lyrical delivery should reflect demographics. ProlifiCal group members Praduct and Drypht Avenue, aren’t your average West Coast rappers, but rather, pure lyricists. With the release of their highly anticipated debut album nearing, Domination Recordings now presents their free downloadable EP entitled “Lyricist Parlae”.

This six track promo is a captivating glimpse into the unique style of rhyming ProlifiCal is known for. An impressive lineup of appearances include Bay Area emcee Mikial on the track praising Hip Hop as a true artform rightfully named “Cold Art”, and Oddisee from Low Budget on the melodic joint entitled “Aroma Therapy.” The EP also contains a continuous play bonus track called “Rainy Days” that features Domination’s very own Hempstead, New York duo, Tha Connection.

The attention demanding voices of both Praduct and Drypht Ave. combined with dope lyrics and an ill blend of production, makes this release a definate entertaining experience of raw talent at its best.

So, as this EP parlaes into ProlifiCal’s conceptual album “Train Of Thought”, due for release in the coming weeks, we invite you to support and solidify your appreciation for good music, and enjoy the listening…

1. One4U (Produced by Dante Lewis)
2. Too Many (Produced by Buddah Monkey)
3. Cold Art feat. Mikial (Produced by Sci-Fi)
4. Dopeness (Produced by Max I Million)
5. Aroma Therapy feat. Oddisee (Produced by Suff Daddy)
6. Last Round (Produced by Max I Million)
Continuous play bonus track:
Rainy Days feat. Tha Connection (Produced by Vans Cal)

Free Download: ProlifiCal “Lyricist Parlae” EP

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