Hopsin Continues Hip-Hop Greatness At Ruthless Records

Hopsin Continues Hip-Hop Greatness At Ruthless Records!

Following in the footsteps of Eazy-E, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and NWA emerges Ruthless Records’ brightest new hip-hop artist HOPSIN – combining the true talent of crafting outspoken and controversial rap verses with a youthful and energetic lyrical flow.

Twenty-three year old, Marcus Hopson, known to the world as Hopsin because his flow is so sinful, grew up in Panorama City in the San Fernando Valley of California. As a creative and self-proclaimed isolated individual, Hopsin spent his teenage years drawing, skate boarding, and writing rhymes while periodically leaping from clique to clique. “I’ve always been in my own world, living as my own person, finding friends in different circles but not being confined to one group,” says Hopsin. At the age of 14, Hopsin headed to Maryland for a year. It was in this state that he began to grasp his flair for rapping. “I started rhyming to beats I had made on this video game I had, so when I got back to California, I bought a tape recorder and started recording freestyles and downloading instrumentals off the internet.” In some ways, Hopsin soon became a local Weird Al Yankovic, remaking popular songs with a sarcastic edge and playing them for his friends and growing fan base. “People were saying that my (parodied) songs were really good and I should make my own records,” Hopsin recalls. Open mic shows, internet showcasing, and perpetual recording and producing soon led to the growth of the Hopsin buzz.

“It’s the way hip-hop should be,” Hopsin says with confidence when talking about his debut album Gazing at the Moonlight. A combination of hip-hop narratives, irreverent edge and optimally self-produced beats, Gazing at the Moonlight could quite easily be considered hip-hop’s premier audio book. His lead single, “Pans in the Kitchen” carries a quintessential throwback party beat, with pots and pans embedded in the percussion arrangement. And as if that were not enough, the title track “Gazing at the Moonlight” closes out the album with a dramatic organ introduction followed by intermingled rock and pop riffs that creates the ending to an ultimate masterpiece.

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