Georgia Anne Muldrow Interview

Georgia Anne Muldrow Interview by James Smith, April 2009

MVRemix: Let me get right into “Ms. One and The Gang”. What can you tell everyone about it?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: It’ll be out May 19th. It’s a collaboration album and it’s a wide scope of everyone who rolls with us. I’ve been working really hard and this is giving a taste of what I’ve been doing. It’s sort of like a mixtape.

MVRemix: Did you approach this project compared to others that you’ve done in the past?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: Yeah. Really I was done with it before I knew it. It’s more varied and I only have a couple of solo songs.

MVRemix: What inspires you to create music?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: My ancestors or at least my African ancestors since they are the only relevant ones. I’m their vehicle. I try to serve them as they serve me. My need for liberation is also inspiration because music is always required for that. It will never happen without the arts. I feel saddened that people don’t use the soul power they have for the right reasons. Hip-hop is African and so welcoming. It serves a purpose. Being that I’m African I take it as a responsibility. People who hate themselves are my inspiration too. I can lure people into the fonk and have it hit you at the heart of your soul. Dance is a warrior activity, you know? If it weren’t for the ancestors I wouldn’t have drums. I really do appreciate crate diggers and the way they use samples. I love it! But I’d rather dig into the etheric crates. So with compilations, I just wanted to use different experiences from people. Illicit was incarcerated so he’ll hit home with some people. Everybody goes through experiences and phases. I’ve been through a lot but I think I’m more focused and the strongest at this phase in my life. Creativity all depends on how I feel. More on if I’m lazy or not.

MVRemix: What are your musical influences?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: African music because it’s really based on feeling. One of the main ways for me to get inspired is just by sitting still. Getting quiet. It gives you time to open channels. I listen to a lot of people, like Pete Rock…it would take another interview to go down the line. My first tapes were De La Soul and the X-Clan and I’m not saying this just because, but Dudley is one of my all time favorites because that’s how he is in life. He is who he is. BDP was a big inspiration. “You Must Learn” was the first video I saw. I remember a teacher showed it to us at Marcus Garvey School. It blew my wig back. That’s real and we still need that. We really need to get rid of so much of the greed and violence here. It’s all colonialism and I’m going the other way. I’m taking African language courses and the like. It’s sad that people are going around talking about I gotta eat. What are you eating? Get your dollar by being positive. Going back to inspiration, checking myself is a big one. Some women are like, “I need stilettos or high heels.” For what? To make you feel sexy? What is “sexy?” If anything I want to be free. It’s all about what’s inside and I learn something everyday. I’m not really into materialism. I’m ready for spiritual laws. I think the music speaks for me and my people. My daily mind frame is trying to refine myself. You heard of Llaila Afrika?

MVRemix: Yeah.

Georgia Anne Muldrow: I remember something he said about if you want to eat meat, kill your own meat. Some of these rappers come out like they’re hard all the time. They could be saying a lot more than just saying something that would make you “Oooh” and “Ah.” So I’m like, if you are that hard, eat your meat raw. [laughs]

MVRemix: Growing up in a musical family, were you pushed into music or did that just happen naturally?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: Seriously? I chose my family. I wanted to be part of them. I deeply love both of them. My father is on the other side right now but we still communicate. I definitely chose them.

MVRemix: I heard a lot of rumors concerning your next solo album. Some stuff about you fully rapping, you doing an all instrumental album, or something in the similar vein of “Olesi.” Can you tell me about it?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: It’s called “Umsino,” which means sound in Zulu. I love the Zulu culture and their cosmology. They believe that they are from outer space and you know black people are about 2 billion years old. I wanted to tap into that. It means sound and noise. On the inside of the CD I have a poem which basically says after war is over and Babylon is destroyed then I will exist as sound. I’ve been in all of this since preschool. We need to keep in contact with out political prisoners too like Mumia and the MOVE 9 to name a few. They have hearts of gold. A letter means a lot but nothing hits home more than art. Send them some art. I got a Christmas card back from Phil Afrika and it really hit home when he did that. We really need to defend the innocent because they are always getting attacked. What’s real is that those people that are locked up are living the ultimate, literal reality of how we are living out here. My God mother works with children who are already locked and will stay there. Isn’t that something? This is what I’m addressing in “Umsino”. Death and Life too. It’s an eternal moment.

MVRemix: Where are you headed musically on this project?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: “Umsino” has a lot chants, some songs are 5 or 6 minutes, some have rap verses. This one is more epic than “Olesi.” I was transforming on “Olesi.” It’s a continued thing but the production is more scenic and more refined. It has some low-rider fonk. You can C-Walk to it. No disrespect to the Crips but I mean “C” as in Cosmic. I’ve been doing a lot of meditation, sun staring; really channeling that energy. The music is really varied; some tunes are shorter than others because people catch on to things differently. Some rhythms are meant to be longer than others.

MVRemix: So are there any other projects coming up on the horizon?

Georgia Anne Muldrow: There are all kinds of stuff. Dudley told you what other stuff we have coming out. I have a lot of other projects: a jazz album mostly on vibes, a blues album, and a rap album. This whole thing is my life!

Georgia Anne Muldrow Interview

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