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Tanya Morgan – Morgan Blu featuring Blu Tanya Morgan Teams Up With California MC Blu For Feel Good Track From Brooklynati. Album Out On May 12th!

Tanya Morgan – “Morgan Blu” feat. Blu Tanya Morgan Teams Up With California MC Blu For Feel Good Track From Brooklynati. Album Out On May 12th!

Critical Praise for Tanya Morgan:
“Brooklynati” is Tanya Morgan’s latest project, and it basically cannot disappoint. In fact, it’s genetically engineered to be better than you. For good measure: Von makes brownies better than your mom, Ilyas reads more books than Reading Rainbow, and Don is meaner than the guy that stole your lunch money yesterday. And they all still rap better than your cousin’s best friend’s ex-boyfriend’s brother. Yep better than all that.”- MSNBC

“Tanya Morgan make… messages that resonate with the everyday listener and accessible beats that captivate the spirit of Hip-Hop’s most devout followers, not to mention their reputation for dominating live stage shows.” – 215Mag

“With all due respect to Talib and Hi-Tek, I’m actually more inclined to revisit team Tanya’s likeably loose, bordering-on-sloppy inaugural effort than said ballyhooed backpack-crowd classic.” – XXL – Chariman’s Choice

The Song:

With Brooklynati on the way, fans can expect a number of great treats from Tanya Morgan in the coming weeks. To finish off your week right, we give you their brand new single “Morgan Blu ft. Blu” from their forthcoming LP. In a climate where collaborations are forced in an attempt to increase album sales, it’s nice to know the pairing of Blu and Tanya Morgan happened organically. Ilyas, one-third of Tanya Morgan, says, “I used to write for Vapors Magazine and I had to interview Blu. I had just heard his album (Below The Heavens) while we were on tour and was blown away. Before and after the interview we chopped it up a bit on some personal shit. I holla’d at him later about the collab and he was down. At the time I had no idea that this collaboration would end up being on Brooklynati, but I’m certainly happy it is.”

The beat is classic Tanya Morgan, courtesy of Von Pea’s production, complete with guitar loop, vocal chops, and swinging drums. Blu jumps off and Von Pea, Ilyas, and Donwill follow suit with stream-of-consciousness flows, flexing their lyrical dexterity and each displaying their unique styles. With Brooklynati Tanya Morgan takes listeners into their own world of rhymes, fun, and classic hip-hop, and “Morgan Blu” is an excellent example of what fans can look forward to this May 12th.

Listen to the first single, “So Damn Down

The Background:

Tanya Morgan is back with their third project, Brooklynati, following the success of Moonlighting and The Bridge. Since Von Pea, Ilyas, and Don Will formed Tanya Morgan in 2003, they have received high praise from media elites such as Spin, The Source, XXL Magazine and a resounding seal of approval from the blogosphere. Considered by many to be our generation’s torchbearers for De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, Tanya Morgan will once again put their skills on display with the unique hip-hop Americana sounds of their Brooklynati album this spring. Based on the fictitious city of Brooklynati, this release pushes the boundaries of a concept album by incorporating not only lyrical imagery but also cultivating a culture and mindset, which can be experienced through the City of Brooklynati Chamber of Commerce website: The sites, sounds, memories, and events of Brooklynati will be unleashed on May 12th through Bay-Area based record label Interdependent Media, the architects behind the funding and development of Brooklynati. Wanderlusts can feed their souls at

Map of Brooklynati:

Streams: “Morgan Blu” feat. Blu

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