The Custodian of Records presents Jersey Radio Vol. 3

The Custodian of Records presents Jersey Radio Vol. 3

In an undisclosed location out in the middle of West Citris, New Jeruzalum, DJ Brownbum goes deep in the crates with a few contributions from The Custodian of Records for Vol. 3 of Jersey Radio.

1. Biz Markie – A One Two
2. Queen Latifah – Princess of The Posse
3. Word of Mouth – Coast to Coast
4. Ministers of Black – Step Into My Office
5. Redman – Freestyle
6. Redman – Funkarama
7. Milkbone – How Yah Like It
8. Ready Ta Role – Drug Game
9. Apache – Gangsta B#tch
10. Double XX Posse – Not Gonna Be Able To Do It
11. Lords of The Underground – Chief Rocka
12. Channel Live feat. KRS One – Mad Izm
13. Rotten Raskalz – Oh Yeah
14. Naughty By Nature – Guard Ya Grill
15. Twin Hype – Do It To the Crowd
16. 45 King – 900 Number

Free Download: Jersey Radio Vol. 3

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