Cam’ron – Crime Pays album track listing


“Crime Pays”


“…there is no more intricate rapper in hip-hop.”

– New York Times

3 million records sold and 2 Grammy nominations to date, Cam’ron is continuing his hustle into 2009 with a variety of staggered projects.

With an undisputed, pied-piper like rabid strong hold on the street, Cam’ron has developed an ability to speak to and captivate multiple audiences (check out his unforgettable appearances on Anderson Cooper and Bill O’Reilly for further proof).

th, Cam’ron’s chosen to break the mold by embracing technology for a viral rollout of his latest project vs. going the mainstream route. Now, in keeping with the street savvy nature of Crime Pays which drops May

Cam’ron is also working on a compilation album with his new crew, U.N. (which includes Lady Byrd and Vado), that is set for a late-August release. There is also talk of an as-yet-untitled album being released in December and a potential film soundtrack that will be released that month as well. Check out his acting chops as he releases his straight-to-DVD movie “The Bakery” in July, and a follow up to 2002’s “Killa Season” available in October.

The trendsetting slanguist’s return to the scene has already made the front page of Pitchfork as well as the cover of XXL. Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, NY Times, Maxim and even ESPN have all discovered there own angles of this enigmatic character, and we invite you to do the same.

“Crime Pays”
23 Tracks – 01:13:33
From the Album Crime Pays
on Asylum Records

Track listing:
Crime Pays Intro
Cookin Up
Where I Know You From
F**k Cam #1
Never Ever
Silky [No Homo]
Get It In Ohio
Grease [Skit]
You Know What’s Up [feat. C.O and Sky-lyn]
Spend The Night
F**k Cam #2
Woo Hoo [feat. Byrd Lady & 40 Cal]
Cookies-N-Apple Juice [feat. Skitzo & Byrd Lady]
My Job
F**k Cam #3
Got It For Cheap [feat. Skitzo]
Get It Get It
Bottom Of The P***y
F**k Cam #4

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