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Urban Mystic Shut Down for Obama Tribute Publishing Company Issues Cease & Desist for Re-Recording

Urban Mystic Shut Down for Obama Tribute Publishing Company Issues Cease & Desist for Re-Recording

Miami, FL — After successful international promotions for Urban Mystic’s GRIII: Old School 2 Nu Skool this Spring, the album was released to eager fans on April 28, 2009 on SoBe Entertainment, Fontana and Universal. After the recent presidential election, the young singer debuted a promotional tribute to President Obama entitled “Obama: A Change Has Come,” which was a re-recording of the Sam Cooke classic “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

Now, despite SoBe Entertainment’s best efforts to negotiate and pay proper licensing fees, publisher ABKCO Music has placed a Cease and Desist order on manufacturing of GRIII: Old School 2 Nu Skool.

When 23-year-old Urban Mystic created the ode to the nation’s first African-American President, he added in the affirmations: “And as Obama says ‘Yes we can’,” and later, “Thank God for Obama, because he brought us hope.” The young singer now asks, “Is it because of these phrases being added to the song that ABKCO Music has shut down the manufacturing and distribution of the record?”

As a hard-working African-American artist working with an independent African-American-owned record label, Urban Mystic saw the opportunity to express his joy of President Obama’s rise as an inspiration for all Americans. What better way to honor Barack Obama than with a classic song that had a major political and social impact on an entire generation of music lovers?

Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” was retitled “Obama: A Change Has Come” to honor the President, specifically for GRIII: Old School 2 Nu Skool. Presented beautifully and soulfully by Urban Mystic, the song is a foundation for bringing a span of generations together through music, and has resonated with fans around the world.

On Friday, May 8, manufacturing and distribution of the album, both physical and digital, will cease per the directive from ABKCO Publishing.

“We offered any reasonable amount of money they would have requested to have the song licensed, so that the importance of this era can remain in the public’s consciousness,” states Cecile Barker, CEO of SoBe Entertainment. “However, the attorneys for, and the officers of ABKCO Music apparently do not want their song out there promoting President Obama’s election. We were told it isn’t about money. We are very confused by this decision, as we thought that all Americans would be proud to be a part of honoring our country’s leader. Could it be a political issue, as we certainly did not compromise the integrity or the originality of the song. We love the song, we love Sam Cooke, and we love our country and our new President”

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