Wil May Interview: The Frathouse Is Like A Traphouse

conducted by Hugo Lunny

Wil May Interview: The Frathouse Is Like A Traphouse

MVRemix: For those that are now hearing about you for the first time, tell us about yourself.

Wil May: I’m Wil May, artist / producer, urban ewasp numero uno, el presidente of the fraternity called Makeshift / MSP. we accept girls also, probably more so than guys.

MVRemix: Does Hip Hop and Rap today leave you jaded, or inspired?

Wil May: Nah, I actually like where hip hop and rap is. It’s colourful. Lots of variety. The only thing I hate is those copy cat radio songs.

MVRemix: As a songwriter, who has influenced you?

Wil May: David Bryne, Pharrell, Prince, Trent Reznor, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Spike Lee, Stanley Kubrick, girls, girlfriends, homeys, haters, winners, losers… Lots of folks.

MVRemix: Tell me about “The Frathouse Is Like A Traphouse” LP, how does it compare to the EP?

Wil May: It’s basically if you put a Fresh Prince-type dude, with a Jeezy mentality in a foreign ivy league-esque environment and what ensues. Sounds crazy but it really happens.

Then there’s two sides;: a hustle side that ends with paying my tuition in cash and being college hood-rich, and a relationship side; which details college relationships with the girls in the many forms they exist.

As far as the EP / LP, basically I was spitting up my LP project, which I hadn’t decided on a name for. I was gonna release was an EP / preview of what was to come was called “The Frathouse Is Like A Traphouse.” It was supposed to be a more extroverted version of the project. Since that EP didn’t drop, I just took the name for the entire project.

MVRemix: How did the title come about?

Wil May: People often laugh and are taken aback by the title. It seems like a made-up idea but it stems from reality… Once you think about it. you’ve probably noticed it for yourself, if you’ve been to a frat party, just never made the association.

Much like the hood, every campus has it’s own unofficial supplier and profiteer. Aside from the extreme violence and tragic outcome usually attributed to trappin’, it’s activities are similar to the dynamics of a fraternity. Commerce, drug experimentation, promiscuity, camaraderie and machismo run rapid. Most college kids are intrigued and influenced by the lifestyle of trappers, which is why gangsta rap was so popular to them.

MVRemix: How long did the record take to record and how planned was it – ie did you set out with a tracklisting and stick to it or record a number of songs and chose a select amount leaving the rest on the “cutting room floor”?

Wil May: This is kind of a difficult question. Now I understand what the Clipse went through with Hell Hath No Fury, or Dre with Detox. The writing of this project has been basically done since ’07. I started it at the end of ’06, and now somehow it’s ’09. It has been a very honest process though, and I have had a lot of things I wanted to incorporate, but now it’s just time… To drop it on the unsuspecting but thristy public. It’s either now or february 31st of next year.

MVRemix: What do you wish to achieve with the album?

Wil May: With this record, I just want to tell a story of a very meaningful college experience. The commentary is unique and subversive, and no one has ever commented on it. College isn’t just about beers, booze and bitches. For a lot of people it is a very serious struggle. A lot of people will relate and be intrigued.

And from a hip hop standpoint, I wanna show kids my story is just a meaningful as what Jigga did before “Reasonable Doubt” or Jeezy did before “Thug Motivation.” There’s more money in what they did [laughs] but you get my point.

MVRemix: In this economic climate, why should people opt to purchase your album or attend your show. What is it that you offer the listener that they should invest in you?

Wil May: In a climate like this, people want hope and truth. If you had to pick, I would say my album. It’s motivation and realness you can take with you. Listen and be inspired. Then we can rock out at a show in the future since you’ll know all the words. And also, I do free shows from time to time too. Chester French and I just did one together in LA last week, which was dope.

As for what I offer, I will promise a unique perspective and experience unlike anything they’ve seen or heard, and I won’t let them down.

MVRemix: Any videos planned?

Wil May: Two videos; one for “Immaculate,” which is a style / machismo record, one for both “Hands Touchin’ Paper,” which is an autobiography of sorts, and this song called “Northface,” about paranoia on campus, combined. After that, we will see.

MVRemix: You refer to yourself as “post-modern” rap music, explain what you mean by this.

Wil May: I was intrigued by the concept of post-modernism during college. I used to talk about it. People started to know me for it so it stuck. Now I write raps with themes from post-modernism, as well as other philosophy. Mid high brow shit even though you can digest it like fast food.

MVRemix: In a sentence or less, what do you do to relax?

Wil May: 3 w’s; wine, women, ____. The blank is new thing I’ve been taking up.

MVRemix: Have fun with this one, a la “Fight Club” – “If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight”?

Wil May: Imagine you interviewed Chris Brown in January [laughs] But with me, I think everyone would want me to fight a certain someone, whose thematic elements are not dissimilar to mine.

MVRemix: Would you win?

Wil May: Absolutely, I’m scrappy. And with that said and I need Lil’ Jon in the back yellin, “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit!”

MVRemix: Do you have any non musical aspirations?

Wil May: I like politics. I don’t know if I would be a politician though. I want to make films. That’s what I studied in college. I want to teach also. But at the moment, no aspirations other than this here music are in mind.

MVRemix: What next do we have to look forward to from you?

Wil May: Tons of creativity and real artistry. I will always keep it innovative and intriguing. I promise.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Wil May: As I start off my song “Maybe Love,” check me on my RSS feed: www.wilmayMAKESHIFT.com and also on the Twitter, which all the cool kids are using: www.twitter.com/wilmayMAKESHIFT

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