Pseudo Slang Announce Release Of Official Debut Album, We’ll Keep Looking Buffalo, NY-Based Duo Team With Fat Beats Records To Release We’ll Keep Looking, Out June 2

Pseudo Slang Announce Release Of Official Debut Album, We’ll Keep Looking Buffalo, NY-Based Duo Team With Fat Beats Records To Release We’ll Keep Looking, Out June 2

Critical Praise for Pseudo Slang:

“Pseudo Slang make the thinking fan’s kind of hip-hop.” – Chicago Sun Times

Pseudo Slang, a Buffalo, New York based hip-hop duo comprised of rapper Emcee Sick, of the crew Xtracts Of Slang, and producer Tone Atlas, of the crew Pseudo Intellectuals, are proud to announce the release of their new studio LP, We’ll Keep Looking due June 2nd via Fat Beats Records.

Buffalo, New York isn’t much known as a hotbed for hip-hop; most don’t know much about the city at all. With We’ll Keep Looking Pseudo Slang look to change that, shedding light on the blue-collar city that serves as the duo’s home base. Speaking on the city that has so influenced his own post-industrial tinted rhymes, Emcee Sick says, “Buffalo is a special place, an economically challenged rust-belt city lacking in resources that, somehow, in its blue-collar way, creates an unassuming atmosphere for expression. Untainted by sparkle and cliquey-ness Buffalo has nurtured a group of artists and enthusiasts around a very casual and honest representation urban culture.” For Sick Emcee, Tone Atlas, and the countless others inspiring the album, We’ll Keep Looking is their opportunity to present the local sounds of their unique city to the world.

On We’ll Keep Looking, a title referencing overcoming everyday struggle and the search for artistic inspiration, creativity often sparked for the duo over a plate of barbeque while listening to records at Tone Atlas’ home. Conversation led to verses, and those verses, laid over Tone’s jazz and soul-inspired concoctions, led to the unique sounds heard throughout the album, including “Broke & Copasetic,” the album’s lead single, featuring R&B songstress Vinia Mojica. It was that unique sound that caught the ear of Fat Beats Records, and now, three years after inking their deal, We’ll Keep Looking has finally arrived.

Pseudo Slang formed officially in 2004 with the release of their debut project, The Catalogue, a comprehensive collection of Xtracts’ Of Slang and Pseudo Intellectuals’ unreleased work recorded between 1999 and 2004, which was released via the duo’s self-funded and managed record label, Baby Steps Hip-Hop, Inc. The resulting buzz around The Catalogue led to Pseudo Slang inking a deal with Fat Beats Records in 2005 and releasing their debut single, “Broke & Copasetic” in 2006. In anticipation of their new album, Pseudo Slang has been touring extensively, including a Canadian tour with Jeru The Damaja, the New Royalty Tour ‘06 with Tableek of Maspyke, which spanned over 30 cities, a brief tour through Denmark, and more. Pseudo Slang’s new album, We’ll Keep Looking, is available June 2nd via Fat Beats Records.

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Broke & Copasetic” feat. Vinia Mojica

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