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STRANGE MUSIC SIGNS BROTHA LYNCH HUNG Horrorcore Rapper Responsible for Ripgut

STRANGE MUSIC SIGNS BROTHA LYNCH HUNG Horrorcore Rapper Responsible for Ripgut

(Los Angeles, CA. – May 2009) – When Dave Weiner, Vice President of Strange Music West, first heard BROTHA LYNCH HUNG’s certified Gold classic Season of da Siccness (1995), he was blown away. The man responsible for signing Master P to Priority Records in the mid-’90s, as well as orchestrating the joint venture that Tech N9ne and Strange Music entered into with JCOR, now has the honor of bringing BROTHA LYNCH to the Strange Music family.

Strange Music is already one of the most successful independent music labels in the world – in 2008, its flagship artist, Tech N9ne, SoundScanned over one million units, making him one of the most successful independent Hip-Hop artists in history.

LYNCH and Tech N9ne are far from strangers. LYNCH is familiar to Tech fans due to his standout verse on “My World” from Tech’s Everready album (2006); Tech appeared on “187 on a Hook” from LYNCH’s Blocc Movement (2001).

“There’s an incredible synergy,” states Weiner. “Every Tech fan knows that verse [“My World”] and is wondering what’s going on with LYNCH.” Fans need wonder no more, as Brotha Lynch Hung emerges as the newest Strange Music artist.

Like each member of the Strange Music label, LYNCH lives by a similarly intense, do-or-die, work ethic. Almost every year since his 1993 debut, 24 Deep, the Sacramento native has released a CD. An impressive feat considering he has never been affiliated with a major label.

Hailed by Monterey County’s The Herald as “one of the most original and influential Northern Cali rap artists out there,” LYNCH has maintained a loyal fan base over the years. He entertains with twisted humor, grim tales and a delivery that rides the beat with both a rapid-fire intensity and smooth soulful flow. He’s seen hard times – the death of his mother, label deals gone wrong, drugs, despair – yet his lyrics are infused with a will to survive and a passion for life that override the dark corners of his mind.

Since releasing Lynch by Inch in 2003, LYNCH has maintained his visibility through mixtapes, yet fans have been waiting for a full-length album. You’ve been warned: LYNCH is currently working on Dinner and a Movie, his latest CD, slated to be released later this year.

“BROTHA LYNCH fits in with Strange, ideally, it couldn’t be better,” states Weiner. “It makes all the sense in the world. His talent and abilities are incredible.”

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