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Electrik Red’s How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 Exclusively on MySpace Music Now

Listen to Electrik Red’s “How To Be A Lady Vol. 1” Exclusively on MySpace Music Now!

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Throw away any pre conceived notions of these girls. Electrik Red is IT. “How To Be A Lady Vol. 1” is a sassy, in your face collection of bass rattling female anthems and tantalizing bedroom burners. Channeling the unapologetic ideals of girl groups past-Naomi, Lesley, Sarah and Binkie are filling a void in this industry. Anything you can do, Electrik Red can do better!

The erotic harmonies and lush production of Devotion will have you salivating for more and that’s only track 3! By the time you reach Kill Bill, ladies will be able to flip their man into tip top shape and dudes will have more than enough pointers on how to treat a lady. This album will probably be one of the most underrated albums of 2009 but don’t say we didn’t put you on! WORLD DOMINATION!

How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 Tracklisting

1. Muah
2. So Good
3. Devotion
4. Freaky Freaky
5. Bed Rest
6. Friend Lover
7. P Is For Power
8. W.F.Y.
9. 9 To 5
10. On Point
11. Drink In My Cup
12. Go Shawty
13. Kill Bill
14. So Good (Remix) featuring Lil Wayne

Electrik Red
How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 I In Stores on May 26, 2009

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