Dave Dresden and Mikael Johnston have become dance music’s newest remix gurus and THE ‘go to’ producers for all things EDM


It’s official! The production team of Dave Dresden and Mikael Johnston have become dance music’s newest remix gurus and THE ‘go to’ producers for all things EDM.

June 02, 2009, Oakland, Ca – Already citing two Billboard Hot Club Play chart toppers with Lily Allen’s’ “The Fear”, and Nadia Ali’s “Love Story,” the elite production duo of Dresden and Johnston is carving a very rugged and well earned niche into the ever evolving EDM market.

Both Dave and Mikael have made very successful careers within the EDM scene, Dave with Gabriel and Dresden and Mikael with Warner Brothers act Mephisto Odyssey.

With reputations for writing compelling and very danceable music that touches people the world over, this team is simply on the brink of super stardom. Of course, they are content to simply write music and forget that they have a massive fan base clamoring for original music, which DJ assures us is “coming soon.”

In fact, original music is why they formed, and both Dave and Mikael have a sixth sense on what works on a dancefloor. With G and D, Dave helped pen epic anthems that still cause emotional responses anytime one of those tracks is played. It is because of this deep connection to music that both men are driven to not just write music, but to create something that can live forever. They approach every writing situation the same way- how will we top the last one??

You won’t find filler music from DJ. This is just a fact. While many remixers take a day to chop up and regurgitate a track, DJ often rewrites the entire song to give it the sound and feeling that they are proud to put their name to. People expect tight production along with melodies and a signature hook, something DJ have truly mastered.

The team has just finished work on BT’s “Unbreakable” with vocals from The Catherine Wheels Rob Dickenson, and “A Better Man” by up and comer JD Webb.

At press time, Dresden and Johnston are wrapping up their remix of The Crystal Methods “Black Rainbows,” which the duo is very proud of.

“We have loved being able to put our sound into all these artistes songs, but Black Rainbows is extra special because we have come up with the Crystal Method and it’s nice to work with your friends and peers” -Mikael Johnston

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