MP3: Del the Funky Homosapien – Straight From The Big Bad West Coast

MP3: Del the Funky Homosapien – “Straight From The Big Bad West Coast”

The Funkman Bolsters His Stimulus Package With A Best Coast Funk History Lesson.

Critical Praise for Del:
“…Del’s reputation has remained strong in both fan and critic circles.” – Thrasher Magazine

“The Homosapien is one hell of an entertaining MC” – YRB

The Song:

While Del the Funky Homosapien’s new album – the entirely free, 13-track Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) – tackles a stack of current events and problems, one track in particular serves as the classic “back-in-the-day” shout out. That track is “Straight from the Big Bad West Coast,” the perfect blend of Del’s unique rhymes and quintessential comedic style, “I just peeped some ni##as think they can sh!t on a beat / By the most popular producer “Al Circa” / When you unearth that worthless waste / Take that Auto-Tune off, leave the gimmicks at home / You ain’t foolin’ nobody dumb ni##a, it’s on!”

Del optimistically refers to “Straight from the Big Bad West Coast” as his favorite track on the album: “It’s got that west coast vibe. I came from that angle, but I also hit people up with some history, how we on the west coast started these trends. It came from us. People used to think Cali was about white boys, surfers, palm trees, beaches but they didn’t know there were straight killers out here, bomb chronic, and more. It was almost like we shouldn’t be rapping in the first place.” Del, however, has been rapping from day one, and this track and the rest of The Funk Man only further assert him as a hip-hop veteran..

Download Funk Man: The Stimulus Package Here:

Remaining Tour Dates:
6/9/2009 Fat Cat Music House tba Modesto, CA
6/10/2009 The Babylon Club tba Fresno, CA
6/11/2009 Fishlips tba Bakersfield, CA
6/12/2009 House of Blues 9:00 PM West Hollywood, CA

The Background:

Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) marks Del the Funky Homosapien’s 14th project of a hip-hop career that spans almost two decades. Starting at the tender age of 17 as protégé to his cousin, Ice Cube, Del quickly rose to the top of the underground hip hop scene with his albums, I Wish My Brother George Was Here (1991) and No Need for Alarm (1993), both released through Elektra Records. Soon after parting ways with the label, Del helped found the Hieroglyphics family, comprised of notable emcees Pep Love, the Souls of Mischief, Casual, and Domino. In 1998 the critically acclaimed album 3rd Eye Vision was the first to be released under the Hieroglyphics Imperium label and since then Del has had consistent success with his solo and joint efforts, including Deltron 3030 (2000), Gorillaz (2001), Full Circle (2003), and Eleventh Hour (2008) to name a few. Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) features more of Del’s signature style, as this high-energy album is comprised of raw lyrics, driving rhythms, and Del’s undeniable funkiness. Released via Funnyman Entertainment on April 7th, Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) is available for free via

Streams: “Straight From The Big Bad West Coast

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