New Brand Nubian member Grand Puba album, Retroactive

Grand Puba Retroactive

Hip-Hop legend and founding member of the seminal group Brand Nubian, Grand Puba’s fourth solo album, Retroactive is set to drop on Frank Radio / Babygrande Records on June 23, 2008.

Grand Puba has been a crucial participant in the hip-hop movement since its early days. Originally a member of the group Masters of Ceremony, he became the lead emcee of the New Rochelle-based Brand Nubian in 1989. Although their upbeat music and positive lyrics tied them strongly to the Native Tongues movement (De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest etc.) Brand Nubian’s politics and religion were always at the forefront of their music, paving the way for groups like Dead Prez, RZA & GZA (of Wu-Tang), Black Star, Brother Ali & countless others.

As a solo artist, Grand Puba has been extremely successful as well. Many consider both his release of Reel 2 Reel, (’92) and 2000 (’95) to be classics. In 1998, he reunited with Brand Nubian for Foundation and in 2004 for Fire in the Hole on Babygrande. With the forthcoming Retroactive release, Grand Puba once again returns to his trademark style–brilliant lyrics, socio-political themes and a smooth laid-back delivery. Grand Puba’s flow is as refined as ever, his beat selection top-notch, and the finished project promises to fill a much needed void in hip-hop, at a time when positive, progressive and upbeat messages are sorely needed in the world.

“RetroActive” hits stores June 23rd, on Frank Radio / Babygrande Records. With guest appearances from Q-Tip, Kid Capri, Sadat X, Lord Jamar, Large Professor & many more, and production from Large Professor, Q-Tip, Grand Puba, PhD and others, “RetroActive” is heating it up and taking it back to the summers of the golden era.

Check out the 1st single “This Joint Right Here Ft. Kid Capri” NOW!!!

With a beat reminiscent of 1980s era “White Lines,” and the up-tempo lyrics of Kid Capri, Grand Puba is in top form on this track. Adding his skills on the boards, Puba produces in addition to lacing the song with his signature style, unmistakable voice and one-of-a-kind delivery.

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