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Rick Ross & Triple C’s To Endorse 1800® TEQUILA Brand Ambassadors for the First and Only 100 Proof Clear Tequila

Rick Ross & Triple C’s To Endorse 1800® TEQUILA Brand Ambassadors for the First and Only 100 Proof Clear Tequila

Proximo Spirits, Inc. and 1800® Tequila announced today a partnership with American rapper and record label founder Rick Ross and his crew Triple C’s. Kicking off this month with a video and photo shoot, Ross & Triple C’s will endorse 1800 Tequila’s Select Silver – the first and only 100 proof clear tequila on the market.

Ross, who is credited for putting Miami back in rap’s national spotlight, rose to fame with his monster hit Hustlin’, earning him a multi-million dollar deal. Then Def Jam president and veteran rapper Jay-Z signed Ross to the Def Jam label and later brought the “Miami Hustler” on tour. Since then, the Ross’ debut album Port of Miami shot to #1 on the Billboard album chart, and his follow up Trilla remains on the Billboard Top 100 R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart. Early 2009 saw the release of Ross’ third album Deeper Than Rap, greeted with numerous positive reviews.

“Rick Ross & Triple C’s were an obvious choice for us,” said Elwyn Gladstone, Head of Marketing for Proximo. “1800 Select Silver is a serious tequila for the serious tequila drinker. It’s making a huge splash in the tequila market right now, just as Rick Ross is shaking up the music industry.”

1800 Select Silver is a smooth and sexy alternative to the predictable players behind the bar and is the perfect choice for partygoers. The 100% Agave Silver tequila delivers a refreshing but potent taste, for the true tequila connoisseur. It’s double-distilled for crystal clarity and blended with a touch of aged tequila.

“Of all the tequilas out there, the 100 proof 1800 Select Silver is the ‘big boss’ and the only tequila I would put the Rick Ross name behind,” said Ross. “1800 Tequila is a brand I’m really excited to grind and build with, and as I keep pumping out the hits, topping the charts, and discovering new talent like my crew Triple C’s – 1800 Tequila will be rising to the top with me.”

About 1800® Tequila

1800® Tequila is the United States’ best selling super-premium tequila, renowned for being expertly aged and consistently smooth. Named after the year it was created, 1800® Tequila is pure, 100% blue agave tequila grown on family-owned ranches and bottled in Jalisco, Mexico. Each bottle of 1800® Tequila is double-distilled and matured in French and American oak barrels for superior drinkability. 1800® Tequila is recognized for its iconic packaging which includes a stopper that doubles as a shot glass. The complete 1800® Tequila portfolio includes Select Silver, the first 100-proof Silver tequila, Silver, Reposado, Añejo, and 1800® Colección, an extra-añejo tequila, that is released annually in highly limited quantities. 1800® Tequila is available nationwide at most exclusive bars and retailers.

About Proximo Spirits, Inc.

Proximo Spirits, Inc. is a family-owned company based in New York, NY and is a leading producer, importer and marketer of prized spirits in the United States. As one of the fastest growing spirits distributors in the US, Proximo was formed in 2007 and offers five key brands, including Three Olives Vodka, 1800® Tequila, Gran Centenario Tequila®, Maestro® Dobel Diamond™ Reposado Tequila®, and the exquisite Ron Matusalem® Rum.

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