BURNS music Get ready to have your Turbo charged

BURNS Get ready to have your Turbo charged



Considering there are about 100 million nerve cells in the brain and over 100 trillion connections between those, which is funnily enough about how many dancers and cuts there are in this mash up Turbo clip. Really? Go figure …whether it’s Breakin 2 and Electric Boogoloo it’s time to get your Turbo charged

Are your motors revved up enough yet? Jokers of the Scene pumps up the adrenalinlin and takes this groove deeper with their Boomting mix. The danceoff begins with another fine visual delight courtesy of Thomas Bachellier. This here is mainly all about the tune, but of particular interest to you video-wise may be ozone’s crotch party, and secondly the pig face move thing (about 2.52 sir).

Check out the video for the Jokers of The Scene remix of Turbo

BURNS’ ‘2 (‘Turbo’/’HeartBeats’), is the second installment in his series of four singles (these being BURNS’ ‘1’/’2’/’3’/4,’ the title being representative of the number of tracks on each release). Further tracks will be issued later this year, before a debut album in 2010.

Burns 2 perfectly captures both sides of the BURNS enigma: ‘Turbo’ has the kind of grimey, rave-inflected bass that has so excited blogs including Big Stereo, Trash Menagerie, Oh! Crapp, and LA Friendly, and earned him the support of DJs ranging from Erol Alkan, A-Trak and DJ Mehdi, to Dubfire and Don Diablo. ‘Heartbeats’ is his seductive love note, complete with a ‘reach for the lasers’ riff writ large across it. On one hand, BURNS unleashes the kind of sonic bursts associated with European stalwarts such as Justice, but stamped with the kind of rave (un)sensibility that could only come from a British upbringing (Glasgow-born, Brighton-based), on the other, his ear for melodic beauty shows he’s the Scottish jet ski buzzing in front of Falke and Lindstrom’s maturing yacht-house.

Name-checked as one to watch by Annie Mac, Mylo, Calvin Harris, and blogs alike, 23 year old BURNS is the electronic wunderkind tipped to take British dance music kicking and screaming into the next decade. One limited release, key support tours, and bootlegs ranging from Altern 8 to Prince have brought him a torrent of international attention. In a scramble for some of his production gold dust, BURNS has also been called up for remix duty by the likes of Empire of the Sun, Late Of The Pier, Passion Pit, Filthy Dukes, Yusek, Melanie Fiona, Calvin Harris, and catching all the buzz of the moment is his current mix for The Gossip’s “Heavy Cross”.

“Burns also took on (the) Gossip’s new single “Heavy Cross” — sounds like the track bounced off the walls of a dark alley during a rainstorm. Super rough but like in a Beth Ditto is gonna get you good type way.” -BIG STEREO

With a penchant for hotel room antics and on tour ‘shenanigans,’ BURNS is as far away from your mild-mannered typical studio-tanned boffin as it gets. Born on Halloween 1985, he’s the son of a painter mother and a professional heavyweight boxer father, an upbringing that goes some way in explaining the duality of his music.

With a whole series of releases planned for 2009 and an album underway, the inevitable rise of BURNS has only just begun.

In case you missed it first time around, download the first single ‘DISKO’ – HERE


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