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Sin to Release Mixtape If He’s King, Then I’m God on June 28th

Sin to Release Mixtape If He’s King, Then I’m God on June 28th

Rapper/producer Sin is set to release a new mixtape, If He’s King, Then I’m God, on June 28. Propelled by the international hit single “Boom,” which debuted on the season finale of the #1 rated FOX show “So You Think You Can Dance,” the mixtape features guest spots from Lil Wayne, Santigold, Cupid, Opera Steve, Harlem’s Cash & Mysonne. Also serving as the co-executive producer for the CD, Sin showcases his unique voice, prolific songwriting ability and vast versatility on this 23-track classic.

A media blitz to promote the mixtape was launched in May with the release of several street videos for “Camouflaged” featuring Lil Wayne, “Learn II Fly”, “Butterflies” featuring Opera Steve and “Princess Of Persia” featuring Serbian superstar Boban Rajovic. The videos were picked up by all major video portals and Sin’s official YouTube channel boasts 1.5 million views. Sin is currently shooting the video for “Magnolia Dream” featuring Cupid, which is due out in late June. A higher budget, made for TV video, will be shot for the second official single “Clouds Over Montana” in July. Already a blog favorite, a similar flurry of interviews and features in publications headlined by XXL magazine are confirmed in coordination with the release of the mixtape.

Originally planned to be his debut album the project was downgraded to a mixtape due to sample clearance issues and failure to secure major label distribution in time for Vidovdan (June 28) which Sin had long eyed as his definite release date. He picked that specific day in commemoration of the Battle of Kosovo which took place June 28th, 1389 and is considered a symbol of Serbian desire for independence and freedom. Having dedicated several songs on the CD to his late grandmother, who was from Kosovo, that particular date took on special meaning, and lengthy negotiations with labels were postponed to accommodate the release. An altered version of the project, packaged as an album is expected to be released in the next few months under a major. The mixtape will be a special limited release and only 1389 autographed and numbered units will go on sale. The CD will be available for order on iTunes, as well as about a dozen hand picked stores worldwide who will have exclusive rights to carry the limited edition mixtape. Ringtones for all the singles off the CD are also expected on all major carriers by the end of the month.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse crop of artists including; rap legends 2Pac, Nas and The Fugees, the Yugoslavian rock band Bijelo Dugme and reggae superstar Damian Marley, Sin’s contrasting influences have made him attractive to a diversified field of audiences. The cross over appeal of his radio friendly singles, to his deeper critically acclaimed works, have thrust his upward rise in the music industry. With all of that momentum behind him, Sin is currently preparing to hit the road to promote his latest mixtape release If He’s King, Then I’m God. Some of the scheduled tour stops include Chicago, Cleveland, Toronto and New York. An international headline tour for the fall is also in the works.


1. O Verona (Intro)
2. Learn II Fly
3. She Cried Ice
4. Clouds Over Montana Feat. Sam Ventura
5. The Tunnel Of Eternal Life Feat. Opera Steve
6. Princess Of Persia Feat. Boban Rajovic, Cupid & Elitni Odredi
7. Boom
8. Magnolia Dream Feat. Cupid & LJX
9. Butterflies Feat. Opera Steve
10. Mandolins Cry Feat. Boban Rajovic
11. Caviar Dreams
12. Magic Feat. LJX
13. Triskaidekaphobia (Interlude) Feat. Santigold
14. Blood Feuds Feat. Opera Steve
15. Camouflaged Feat. Lil Wayne & Mysonne
16. Fly Like Me Feat. Cupid
17. Heart Anemic (Kosovo) Feat. Padrino
18. Mayonnaise Sandwich
19. Sin’s Revolutionary Etude In C Minor
20. Top Of The World Feat. Harlem’s Cash & Brittany Street
21. 1991
22. Blood In My Eyes Feat. Opera Steve
23. O Sole Mio (Outro)

About Sin
Born Filip Filipi in Belgrade, Serbia, the 23 year old Sin came to Canada as a refugee of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia 15 years ago. His debut Sizzerb Vol. 1 Presented by DJ Vlad, sold 12,000 units in 2005, making history by becoming the best selling mixtape in Canada and being featured as a top pick on MTV Mixtape Mondays. His sophomore effort, Big Mike & Nu Jerzey Devil Present: Sizzerb Mixtape Vol. 2 – Sin’s City further solidified his grasp on the underground hip-hop scene and produced the popular hits “If God Close The Gate,” and “How Gangstas Do”- feat. Cam’ron, Bezel & Purple City. His subsequent mixtape 1389 Records/Bassivity Music Present: Rane Mixtape Vol. 1, is a collaboration with Serbia’s best selling rap group VIP, and was released in March 2006; it debuted at number 19 on Serbian domestic charts and spawned the hits “Upoznaj Srbiju” and “Kazu mi”. He went on to release Sizzerb Mixtape Vol. 3, which was co-signed by Team Invasion, DJ Kurupt & DJ Scream, with German and Australian editions released in partnership with K1X and Obese Records, respectively. Popular hits off the CD include “I’m The Truth” feat. Young Jeezy, Sam Scarfo, Lil Weavah, Smitty, Agallah, Acafool, DK & Mike Knox (G-Unit), and “Keep Cookin” feat. JR Writer, Taj Mahal, Balance & NOE (Byrd Gang). His latest releases and some of the most compelling double-disc albums to date are without a doubt The Supreme Poet (Hosted by Gucci Mane) and Kosovo, Vijetnam (Hosted by Sasa Pavlovic) which dropped last year. Sin is also active politically, and showed his versatility in comfortably handling hostile media, in his interview with Fox News over the extradition of Miladin Kovacevic last July. Numerous magazine covers point to his saturation of the European market and his increasing global popularity.

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