R. City’s Timothy aka “Dont Talk” gives fans some hot bars straight off the top! Try and keep up

R. City’s Timothy aka “Dont Talk” gives fans some hot bars straight off the top! Try and keep up!

Be sure to check out “Can I Get On”, the first single from debut album Wake the Neighbors featuring Verse!

R. City – Can I Get On


Wake the neighbors! Sound the alarm! The streets are going to be set on fire with the debut album by hip hop duo R. City, on Konlive/Geffen Records. With R. City’s work behind the scenes, penning songs for Akon, Usher, Mario, Sean Kingston and Rodney Jerkins, to Nicole Scherzinger and the Pussycat Dolls, Jesse McCartney, Macy Gray, Ashlee Simpson and Enrique Iglesias, they’ve been able to produce an inferno of anticipation amongst the industry and the streets for the release of their album “Wake the Neighbors.”

Hailing from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, R. City (comprised of brothers Theron a/k/a Da Spokesman and Timothy a/k/a Don’t Talk Much) have created a sound that blends Caribbean twangs of consciousness and struggles of street and island life coupled with hip-hop/pop appeal. They realized their immense talent and started honing their craft at an early age. By the time they reached 10 and 11 they were winning local talent shows and used their prize money to pay the family’s household bills. Plain and simple, R. City was born to be on stage. “We definitely are first and foremost artists more than anything else,” states Timothy. “We were getting a lot of love from the people in the streets from us performing.”

Fast forward to their late teens; by the time they graduated high school; they had a big choice to make. Their parents said “continue in school and we will find a way to help you, continue music and you will need to fend for yourselves and become men.” They obviously chose the latter and came to the U.S. to test their potential for “making it.” “We’ve always been writers for ourselves. Then me and my brother were like, let’s try to write for other people”, states Timothy. Landing in Atlanta after a short stint in Miami, they began penning songs for other artists and placed their first song “The Rain” for Akon via his DJ, Benny D. In a short time, they’ve amassed a staggering number of tunes for renowned artists. “We built a lot of relationships, got cool with a lot of people, networked and found ourselves in a lot of doors we never thought we were going to enter. When we started doing the writing thing, everybody started messing with us,” says Timothy.

Aggressive and hungry tactics – play up their strengths. Theron is a bundle of energy that bounces off the walls; their dichotomy creates a splendid musical union. “We’re night and day but we mesh perfectly together,” says Theron, the soulful Yin to his brother Timothy’s Hip-Hop flavored savvy. The fact that their music is a genre bender isn’t lost on the siblings. “Give us the opportunity to be ourselves because what we doing, nobody has ever done.” It’s never been about money with us, to be honest… Trust me; nobody is going to outwork us. We don’t drink or smoke, or go to clubs. So when people in the club partying, we work, when they sleep, we work, when they work, we work. So at the end of the day, we are going to get more work done than anybody”, says Timothy

That said, their eclectic debut Wake The Neighbors is anything but a work in progress. They are clearly masters of lyric, melody, harmony, hooks, and performance. Their first single ‘Losin’ It’ smoothly tells a story of unexpected lust/love. Their St. Thomas upbringing is also evident on the Madd Scientist produced, Calypso influenced party anthem ‘Wave’, Theron says “as soon as we did it we called Akon. When he heard it, he went crazy and set up a meeting with Jimmy Iovine and Ron Fair to hear the song.” Then there’s the reality checking hip-hop banger ‘Stop Lying’ produced by Shondrae (Ludacris). It challenges the hip hop community to stop boasting about how they are living and things they are doing because it just isn’t true. It can be described as a hard but positive song.

R. City is about a musical movement. Wake The Neighbors is a perfect blend of all the right elements and will be highly regarded and respected as R. City aim to change the face of music. “It’s hard to explain our music because what we are doing is something that is rarely done.” Once you experience them and their live show, you are sure to leave a fan. Go ahead, put in the cd….Wake The Neighbors. It is guaranteed to bang hard enough to keep any neighborhood party going all night long.

R. City
Wake The Neighbors – Coming Soon
Konlive/Geffen Records

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