MP3: iCON the Mic King – “Drifting With The Tide” feat. Awar iCON The Mic King Is Back With First Song In New Headphone Classic Series

MP3: iCON the Mic King – “Drifting With The Tide” feat. Awar iCON The Mic King Is Back With First Song In New Headphone Classic Series

The Song:

After cooling down from his marathon campaign, iCON The Mic King returns with “Drifting With The Tide,” the first song in his new Headphone Classic Series. With this new series, iCON has decided, rather than release a mixtape, to feature individual songs, pairing them with a visuals and videos to give fans a complete look at each song. “Drifting With The Tide” is the first song in the series, and the song, which features Awar of the group Popular Strangers, is driven by a huge, bass-heavy beat that sets up an 80’s-style guitar riff as the perfect melody. Speaking on the song, iCON says, “Drifting With The Tide deals with very real issues of betrayal and unattainable love.” From the opening lyric, “In the war with oneself / You gotta earn some stripes,” through the hook, “We fishin’ in troubled waters, castin’ lines to get a bite / And holdin’ on expectin’ somethin’ from it in this lifespan,” it is very clear iCON’s struggle lies within, and it is a very real, very relatable struggle of lost love.

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The Background:

Hailing from Philadelphia, iCON the Mic King has had a long career and first gained notoriety on the battle circuit. Winner of several rap battle competitions around the globe, iCON proved his ability to create lyrics on the spot, and achieved success in this arena until 2001, when he officially retired from battling to pursue composition and recording as a solo artist. iCON had been making music before he gained fame as a battle rapper and decided to focus on his studio chops. In 2002, he released Music for Bootleggas, which he sold in person and via his website. In 2004, he released his first studio album Intricate Spectrum, and has since released Mike and the Fatman and Rent Money Music II: C-Notes for the Car Note. iCON has the utmost pride for his work, and has decided that for his latest project, Headphone Classics, he will change up the distribution process. Rather than releasing an album or mixtape, Headphone Classics is a series of songs that will be accompanied with visual and video images, and iCON plans to release each in sequence.


Drifting With The Tide” feat. Awars

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