Rapper N E Means Releases Debut Single “Lucky Tonight”, Dedicated To Legendary Wilson Family

Rapper N E Means Releases Debut Single “Lucky Tonight”, Dedicated To Legendary Wilson Family

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Washington DC artist N E Means celebrates the release of his debut single “Lucky Tonight”. The up-tempo song is dedicated to the Wilson Family, the likes of Lowell Fulson, Ronnie Wilson, Robert Wilson and Charlie Wilson. The song pays tribute to the legendary family.

The Wilson family has been established in the music industry for 70 years. The Wilson Brothers aka The Gap Band: Charlie, Ronnie, and Robert Wilson have been performing together since the late 60’s, and have received or been nominated for numerous awards and is considered by industry standards as a multi-platinum group from Oklahoma. Moreover, 20 years prior their cousin Lowell Fulson (Wilson) also from Tulsa, was making waves in the blues arena with Lowell Fulson and The Lowell Fulson Band . The Lowell Fulson Band afforded the opportunity for the late-great Ray Charles, and Stanley Turrentine to get their start in the music industry. Lowell was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1993 for ” Best Traditional Blues Album.” His song titled “Reconsider Baby ” was chosen by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as one of the top 500 songs that shaped Rock and Roll. In 2004 film titled, “Ray” featuring Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles, Uncle Lowell was portrayed by blues musician Chris Thomas King.

N E MEANS Hailing from the nation’s capital, the young Hip Hop rapper/song writer, “N E Means,” is armed with all of the tools necessary to supply the music business with a fresh & unique sound. Starting off as a “battle-rapper,” N E Means captivated early listeners with his dominant vocal delivery. Later, he expanded his original repertoire by performing “spoken word” pieces at major functions and national Universities, thus sharing his lyrical creativity with hundreds of listeners. However, it wasn’t until N E Means first entered into a music studio that he discovered his true passion for creating songs and musical composition.

By either collaborating with legendary hip hop artists, composing and performing advertisements for multi-million dollar companies or dazzling the masses on stage, N E Means carries a thorough and accomplished resume of song making and performance. With a deep and powerful voice as the driving force behind all of his songs, N E Means is also a master at developing electrifying and melodic choruses. Although early in his career, he has also served as a mentor to an arsenal of vocalists from all over the country, writing their lyrics and guiding them through the production process.

With musical influences such as LL COOL J, Heavy D, Jay Z, Kanye West and Timbaland, it is easy to see his musical appeal. And while being aired on soundscan rated stations, and published in nationally pressed magazines, N E Means is only just gaining the attention that he deserves. His diverse experiences provide the perfect balance between commercial sound and lyrical content. And with a sleek & dapper look he brings a flavourful dimension into hip hop reminiscent of early LL Cool J and Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace). He writes, produces and performs the vast majority of all of his music and always holds himself and his art form to the highest standards of sound quality and innovation.

With a determined focus and unstoppable work ethic, N E Means has a very promising future in this industry.

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