Video: iCON the Mic King – “Drifting With The Tide” feat. Awar (Prod. By Vanderslice) iCON Unleashes New Video For First Offering From Headphone Classics Series

Video: iCON the Mic King – “Drifting With The Tide” feat. Awar (Prod. By Vanderslice) iCON Unleashes New Video For First Offering From Headphone Classics Series

The Video:

Following the first track from his new series Headphone Classics, iCON the Mic King returns with the video for “Drifting With The Tide.” iCON and guest artist Awar, who recently signed with iCON’s new label, Master Works Unlimited, rap to the track while roaming alongside the water they so frequently refer to in the chorus. Between riding in a car and wrestling each other into the water, iCON and Awar take a straight-up hip-hop approach, facing the viewer head-on to deliver their message. As we move from alongside a waterfall to above the clouds, it’s hypnotizing to hear “Drifting With The Tide” bumping along to so many gorgeous shots. “Drifting With The Tide” is produced by Vanderslice, who has previously produced for Sean Price, Jedi Mind Tricks, and more and is also signed to Master Works Unlimited. Matt Hobbs directs the video.

Awar had this to say about the track: “‘Drifting With the Tide’ is the first song we wrote when iCON got at me about the idea for the Headphone Classics single. Vanderslice is a producer and friend I’ve been working with for a long time, but iCON had never worked with him before this single and I knew he had the heat we needed to produce it. When he sent over the rough instrumental for Drifting I sat down and wrote my verse immediately. While I view iCON’s part as a story of unattainable love, my interpretation of my half is about being on the cusp. Everything I’ve been working towards is with the mentality that there are no guarantees in life, you can’t rely on anyone but yourself and sometimes you are your own worst enemy. I’ve been grinding hard and noticed how people react to me differently. There’s the fight, the love, the hate, and the legacy all in one verse. The Tide is changing, until then I’m just drifting and feeling out the wind chill factor.”

iCON Background:

Hailing from Philadelphia, iCON the Mic King has had a long career and first gained notoriety on the battle circuit. Winner of several rap battle competitions around the globe, iCON proved his ability to create lyrics on the spot, and achieved success in this arena until 2001, when he officially retired from battling to pursue composition and recording as a solo artist. iCON had been making music before he gained fame as a battle rapper and decided to focus on his studio chops. In 2002, he released Music for Bootleggas, which he sold in person and via his website. In 2004, he released his first studio album Intricate Spectrum, and has since released Mike and the Fatman and Rent Money Music II: C-Notes for the Car Note. iCON has the utmost pride for his work, and has decided that for his latest project, Headphone Classics, he will change up the distribution process. Rather than releasing an album or mixtape, Headphone Classics is a series of songs that will be accompanied with visual and video images, and iCON plans to release each in sequence.

Awar Background:

Awar is a native New Yorker who resides in Albany. In 2005 he released his critically acclaimed solo album, Glory Days, which slipped below most hip-hop listeners radar due to limited distribution. He has been immersed in the NYC indie hip-hop culture for years, and has been a convincing factor in putting his Upstate New York area on the map. He is currently in the lab working with some of the best artists & producers in the game for his up-coming solo effort, The Laws of Nature. He is also the lead emcee of a live band orchestrated by DeeJay Tone, and one half of a duo known as Popular Strangers, which also includes his friend and long-time collaborator, iCON the Mic King.


“Drifting With The Tide” feat. Awar

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