Lyfe Jennings new album Sooner or Later on his new label Jesus Swings


SOONER OR LATER, is the first release to come out on Lyfe’s new label Jesus Swings. He notes: “I am happy to be working with Asylum/Warner Bros. to introduce Jesus Swings. It’s a new found independence for me and it’s rewarding to get to call the shots. It takes a real man to accept living and dying by his thoughts, and rising and falling by his dreams.”

LYFE JENNINGS, a native of Toledo, Ohio, transformed the music world in 2004 after the release of his critically acclaimed debut Lyfe 268-192. Hailed as gritty and raw, the album created devoted fans everywhere and sold over a million copies.

LYFE captured an even broader audience in 2006 with his sophomore effort, The Phoenix, which expanded on his life story, taking listeners through different phases of a man. The album featured the smash hit, “S-E-X,” a cautionary tale for young women from a male perspective. He went on to release Lyfe Changes in 2008.

LYFE’s SOONER OR LATER offers more of the real life stories that he loves to weave. When Lyfe gives you his music he truly gives you a piece of himself. A video for “HATERS” will be coming soon.

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