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Rye Rye – Making of Bang Bang video, and wait, Rye Rye is pregnant

Check out how the dancers for the video were chosen

This video just premiered on URB. Here is the link to the feature. Also, here’s the youtube link/embed code.

“Behind the scenes with Rye Rye, M.I.A., Blaqstarr and a dozen of Baltimore’s baddest dancers at the video shoot for “Bang.”

News of Rye Rye’s pregnancy from her blog

Message To My Fans
To all my fans,I was suppose to be on the A-Trak tour but because of personal reasons i was pulled in the direction of not doing it. Things happen for a reason some happen at the the wrong point of ya life but no one knows why or for what reason only God. So yes I was blessed with a child. At first i was teary eyed and my first thought was to get rid of it. I asked God for guidance and i went to the hospital 4 times and each time i had a breakdown and i knew what direction God was pulling me in. WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU, NOBODY CAN TAKE!!! AND HE DOESNT GIVE YOU MORE THAN WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE. i feel as tho i had a baby and i had to much integrity to abort her my mom was on the table about to have me aborted and seen my heartbeat and changed her mind. I’m young but I’m also grown and right now its alot on me. BUT THESE THINGS DIDNT STOP ME ONLY MOTIVATED ME TO WORK 10TIMES HARDER!!!!!! And i have alot of resect for the label for understanding and backing me and willing to work around this so we can release an amazing album.”

How do you think this will affect her career? Can this be a source of inspiration?

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