Lord Infamous & Black Rain Entertainment Releasing Blood Money July 28th

Lord Infamous & Black Rain Entertainment Releasing Blood Money July 28th

Memphis rapper and former Three 6 Mafia member Lord Infamous is scheduled to release his fourth solo effort, Blood Money, on July 28th via his own record label, Black Rain Entertainment. His first solo project, Lord of Terror, was released as an underground tape in 1994, and his second album, The Man, The Myth, The Legacy, dropped in October of 2007. Lord’s third album, After Sics, was released this past January.

Featuring guests like Chamillionaire, Mac Montese, and more, Blood Money is led by Lord Infamous, with II Tone and T-Rock by his side.

Blood Money will mark the fourth solo project from Lord Infamous since he broke away from the rap group Three 6 Mafia. As a founding member of the group, Lord helped propel them to win an Academy Award in 2006. His violent, often horrific lyrics are one reason behind the “666” in the original name “Triple 6 Mafia.” Although he continues to collaborate with members of the group, he has recently been focusing on his own endeavors.

Blood Money Track Listing

1. Blood Money
2. Niggas Like You
3. Love My Whip feat. Chamillionaire
4. Chopper Talk feat. Mac Montese
5. Ball Off Remix
6. Heen Bout It
7. I Need Drugs
8. What You Bitches Wanna Do
9. Get It Crackin
10. Show Up feat. Mac Montese
11. Workin feat. Scrilla Man, Suga, Mac Montese
12. 1-900
13. Do This
14. No Problems feat. Mac Montese, Big Cheese, C-Mob
15. Crunk N Throwed
16. The Streets feat. Mac Montese, Flo Dawgs

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